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Posted by mmoore on 05 November 2012 - 04:30 PM

Hey broadside,
They're reputation points. You'll notice a green up-arrow to the right side of every post, that's where these points come from. I think the idea is the help sort out the more reputable users. When you read posts that deserve two-thumbs up, give em a point. Hold your curser on someone's user name, and a little box will show up, showing their reputation points and how many posts that person has. If they've made a lot of posts, and don't have any rep. points.... they might just be full of crap, or stirring up crap!! LOL IMO, that's how it supposed to work... Should be a down arrow as well though!

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#9100 Reputation rating

Posted by Country Girl on 28 October 2010 - 02:51 PM

ok...I'm wrong...
there is no minus sign.
I guess you can only hit the + on this site.
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#47745 2012 n.b.h coyote contest

Posted by Early riser on 24 November 2012 - 03:25 PM

Was out this morning and called in this ***** coyote , does this count?Posted Image
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#42752 The New Breed of Hunter

Posted by mmoore on 17 September 2012 - 11:47 AM

Hey guys, being one of this "new generation", I felt the need to comment on this topic.

I have to agree with all that is said above. Most of my generation is going to **** in a hurry! lol With some exceptions that is.
I was introcuded to this great sport at the early age of 6 years old, when I was just old enough to follow along with my father/grandfather/uncle. Being 25years old now, I like to believe I've learned alot with my years on the varoius meadows I've hunted.

My peers and mentors always tried to teach me all that they knew; how to be safe, how to be humane when taking waterfowl, how to be respectful of other hunters.... after I learned most of that stuff... then they showed me how to shoot ducks. IMO - It takes a lot of each of these things to call one's self a "Waterfowler", and even more to call one a " True Sportsman".

I have one duck hunting partner the same age as I, been hunting together since we were about 14 years old. We both learned to hunt from out fathers and such. Hunting styles were very different from his crowd to mine, but the ethics were the same. I would rather hunt by myself than to share a blind with any other " Duck hunter" of my generation when he's not available. Why? Because they're not duck hunters, they're simply people with a 12 ga that shoot ducks.

I simply can not tolerate the lack of respect that most young hunters have for the sport in general. Is it due to their poor attitudes? In general... NO IMO - Lack of guidance. Many of these new hunters are trying to learn about this sport on their own, with little to no guidance from their peers. When people start learning everything from a TV show, we're in trouble. Fathers have given up the sport, and are simply trying to tell the next generation how it should be done, without ever showing them. " When I used to shoot ducks..." I know there's more reasons, but this one really stands out in my eyes.... Duck hunting is a dying sport in many areas, with very few young hunters on the meadows of today.

I for one, am big on tradition... and keeping traditions. I still shoot the same exact ponds as my grandfather, while others are often better place to setup. I still use his old 870 wingmaster at times, while a new Benelli sits at home.... shooting over some of his foam and cork decoys. These are things that should be shown to some of the next generation.

The new breed of hunters that are being shown the proper ways of the sport, and that take it seriously, IMO, make more succesful hunters that ones in the past... With all the new gear, guns and educational tools like the internet and sites like this one. I think we make better educated hunters than before.

As for the high fives and shouting... I admit... I too get excited by times. But isn't that a part of it? I remember one opening morning when I was 16. The alarm rang at 4am, but I was already awake, to realize my father was already awake as well. He must have seen the excitement in my eyes and asked " Are you excited?" And I replied "Yes, are you?" I'll never forget what he replied, " Yes I'm excited. When the day comes that this doesn't excite you anymore, maybe then you should give it up." My father will turn 65 this year, and admits, he feels like a kid again every year, 5am, October 1st.

Making a perfect follow up shot at 50 yards on a flaring bird, only to find a perfectly matured male wood duck which has a shiny silver band on one leg.... please forgive me in advance, but whatever ever marsh your hunting in, chances are you'll hear my shouts of joy. It's not of disrespect I do this, but the opposite. It's times like these that make me respect the sport, mother nature and true freinds and family that made me the hunter I am today. Perhaps the excitement will no longer be there someday, that day I'll take my father's advice. Maybe with age, I will calm down a little at moments like this.... but maybe not! HAHAHA
Please forgive me if this behavior offends anyone, but it may just be the fact that we're full of "Piss and vinegar" still.

Enough of me rambling on and on, which I could do for days on this topic. This is just a part of my 2cents when speaking of the new generation of today.

On another note.... only 14 more sleeps!!!!
Hope you all have a succesful and memorable hunting season!
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#25712 Deer Bait Advice?

Posted by Slug870 on 04 August 2011 - 09:09 PM

Or you could choose not to bait at all and instead devote some time and effort into studying deer habits and habitat, learn some woods craft skills, spend hunting season walking around in the nice fall weather get to know the ground and seek out the elusive whitetail like your grand dad used to do.
but then again sitting in a tree all day watching a pile of apples or corn waiting for a deer to show up does have a certain romantic "man against nature" appeal to it don't you think ?

Well thank you for your constructive and helpful post. When you're ready, give me a call and I'll come over with a sturdy stepping stool to help you down off your high horse to wade into the lowly populace known as us common folk...

You are entitled to your opinion. Just keep in mind, opinions are like a**holes; everybody's got one, but people seldom want to hear anyone else's... just like "grand dad" used to say. If you choose not to hunt over bait that's fine, but please don't force your views on other hunters who do.

Thank you and best of luck in the upcoming season.
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#163530 Trail Cameras Stolen - Harewood, NB

Posted by shedhunternb on 12 November 2014 - 11:01 AM

Deerdreamer.Sadness came over me when I was reading your post,A lad your age working and tring to make a living and some jerk steals your cameras.I,ll keep my ears open.Ihave 2 trail cams here and not using them.You can use them if you want,just come over to the house.Dave

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#85521 Wild Turkeys - Can They Fly

Posted by Bam on 06 November 2013 - 09:15 AM

Question =Why did the Wild Turkey cross the river? Answer= to get to the other side lmao....I'm not a turkey expert but have hunted them and have done my homework on the wild turkey...IMO When the wild turkeys reach the Saint John River and they will someday they will cross whether chassed,they fly on their own,cross ice or take the ferry etc lol... There is awesome turkey habitat on the other side and they will cross IMO... For instance Evendale is one of the shortest point's along the saint john river aprox 250m across and as I stated and any one knowing the habitat on the other side would concur it is awesome turkey country...Different species I know but the deer crossed the coyote crossed in their day and the wild turkey will too one day...We need this Gov or the next Gov to recognize the wild turkey is what we need and let the turkeys decide if they cross or not( a trap and transfer one day would defiantly speed it up)...Now at this point I don't believe there is a wild turkey along the river waiting to cross I could be wrong BUT no one can answer that question whether there is or not... When they do show up along the river and they will one day I would bet they cross at some location along the Saint John river...cheers bam

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#81746 New duckHunter Needs A Hand

Posted by mmoore on 30 October 2013 - 03:16 PM

AA is giving you some great tips, sounds as though he's tramped through the marsh before!! LOL!  I'll try to help out a little.


Like above, I'm no pro, but have been hunting ducks all my life. I've had the priviledge of hunting with some pros, and I tend to shoot a pile of birds in the run of the season, start to finish.


1- A calm clear day isn't always bad, just means you have to do it better.  Better decoy setup, lots of cover for the blind, no movement in the blind and short soft clear calling (or none at all)   I mostly use feeding chuckles on calm days, a few lone quacks maybe.


2- First light and last light are the best times, We hunt until 10am or so and like to be back out 3 hours or so before dark.   I like to do my scouting/pond jumping mid-day to see where the birds lift from, and like to be setup a little early for the evening shoot to watch any birds flying around, and where they go.  


3- It takes a LOT to get them off course, usually 100+ decoys will help if your in the flight path, and in an area that would be natural to them. And some fancy hail calls.  But if you're not where they want to be... you're beating a dead horse.


4- Try shooting a few traps with your duck loads, as they shoot much faster than the skeet loads out there.  Less lead with the faster shot.   If your lucky enough to have a few birds screaming by just over the water, notice where your pattern is hitting.  I've seen myself try birds in full flight at 35 yards, and see my pattern hit the water 5 feet behind them.   Decoying birds within 30 yards with 1550fps loads, I usually aim for the beak or just ahead.  Not as much lead as one would think... compared to older toxic loads. 


5- Calling at birds - Call at their wings and asses, if their coming at you, your better off not calling or doing a soft feeding chuckle. You draw too much attention to yourself calling at them head-on, and if it doesn't sound right, they'll pick you out much faster. 


6- Not much experience hutning in/around salt waters, but loud accrylic calls seem to work better in large open bodies of water... if necessary, finish them with a wooden call or the likes  (soft and natural sounding) 


7- Never had much of a problem with crows either... but one bang from a 12 gauge can scare an awefull pile of em' away!!  They're smart and they know it... so do the ducks!  They do make great confidence decoys.


Like mentioned above, there's a lot of variables and things to learn along the way. Once you get the basics down, it becomes a lot of fun, and a challenge to predict where and how the birds will act. 


Hope this will help you out a little... re-post if you've got some more questions or send me a pm, I love sharing this sport with anyone willing to learn and put in the hours!  


Cheers and Good luck!


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#7936 What does Baiting mean to you?

Posted by greyghost on 18 October 2010 - 11:02 AM

"... with an old 30-30 with open sights ."
- Works very effectively for me and a lot of other guys who know their way around in the woods .

Our Ancestors knew how to hunt , if you think todays generation of "hunters" are better than they were your kidding yourself .
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#77570 BBD!!!!!!!!!!!HUGE RACK!!

Posted by Carll on 22 October 2013 - 09:40 PM

Got the monster tonight at 6:31!!!


240lb 11 point monster!!!!!!




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#37795 Native and white man harvest - this sort of thing pisses me off!

Posted by Cdog on 15 April 2012 - 03:36 PM

I also strongly feel that if you want to live by your old rules of hunting and fishing.....to support your family.....do so with traditional means.....
No rifles with fancy optics.....no gps in the fiberglass boat with huge motors.....
If this is tradition you want to preserve....do it the way it always was done
....and how it would still be had the white man not came along....
I bet there would be less heat on you from the white gang and i also bet nobody would be hauling out 65 moose that way....no atv or diesel truck???
Im saying you have it both ways.....the best of both worlds and thats what makes people angry....
As far as being compensated for land taken.....sure...lets do so.....with whatever native currency was in use at the time!!!!
What im saying is.....i didnt take from you.....but "my" tax dollars are rembursing you.....and you wonder why people are fed up with it???
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#33554 Are you doing the right thing

Posted by browning on 18 November 2011 - 04:20 PM

Bear hunter I never asked you to reply so if its a stupid debate for you go snow boarding.
I do shoot younger bucks and Im always proud of my trophy, and with that said Im always the first to say if its legal, its good to go.
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#196761 3rd Video From 2015 Season

Posted by Old guide on 09 March 2016 - 09:56 AM

You just have to appreciate good dog Work and to Say the least they are very impressive ,  the lab is really fast but I am afraid for me the Drathdars / Wirehairs are  my favorite.

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#168090 A few bucks

Posted by Sako on 02 December 2014 - 08:26 AM

Cool whatever you are, why did you bother to post on this, anyway? You usually save your provocation for defense of Native rights posts. I assume to try for a bit of moose meat.(us hicks call that suckholin') Nobody here believes we have a great deer herd or even a good one but we do with what we have and try to make it better. I'm here because I want to be and can afford to stay right here in N.B. and am fortunate enough to be retired in this great place. My best advice to you would be to go out west, where the deer run rampant, find somebody to shoot one for you, and drag it under the closest bridge and chew on it all winter.
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