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  1. Conservation
    N.B. becomes last province in Canada to make wildlife estimates publicly available
  2. Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast
    In this episode of The Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast, Dave talks with Dick Fevens, owner/operator of Sandy Lake Lodge, a remote Newfoundland Moose and Bear hunting lodge. Sandy Lake Lodge enjoys a healthy population of moose, caribou and bears in the area surrounding its quiet and tranquil...
  3. Bear Hunting
    Looking for large hunting party of 10 or more seeking private hunting grounds with accommodations. I have 2 trailers set up on wilderness lots that run on solar power. Each unit sleeps 6 ,and have plenty of room for you to bring additional trailers if needed. If your party rents both trailers...
  4. Bear Hunting
    Guys I definitely have a bear taking my bait. I am taking tomorrow off to hunt. I am not clear on best time of day. Appreciate any advice.
  5. Bear Hunting
    Hey guys, I'm from nova Scotia and I am looking to get a bear and see your spring season is coming to a close. Does anybody have a good spot that they have been baiting that they have already taken their bear and wouldn't mind showing me? I am a bow hunter and this would be my first bear ever. I...
  6. Waterfowl Hunting
    Hi everyone, We would love for you all to come visit us we're always looking for new friends and feedback on how we're doing. Come post your pics, hunts, questions or anything related to the great sport of hunting in which we all love. We have some great partners with some great gear you...
  7. Bear Hunting
    This is my first year hunting bear so my knowledge is a bit limited. Started getting hits at my site this week and was just wondering what size you guys think this bear is? The pics aren't too great as it's a new camera and I had it set to only take one pic per trigger which ended up not being...
  8. Bear Hunting
    There was a good size bear hit on the Bathurst Hwy this morning. It was approx 4 km south on Hwy 8 by the power line. Looks like they are starting to roam a little.
1-8 of 8 Results