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  1. Gone Hunting
    I wish to thank the chap that decided that I shouldn't be allowed to hunt on Irving land. I have been baiting and had the camera setup when I noticed a pile of crap on top of my apples. At first I thought Holy Crap if that came from a bear.......but upon closer investigation this friendly chap...
  2. Deer Hunting
    I've found a concentration area for deer and want to scout around it, set a cam, etc... I know I don't want to leave my scent, but I'm just wondering how long can you stay in a spot before you "stink" it up? Minutes? hours? Does anyone have a set time? Thanks!
  3. IMG 2503

    Turkeys in Christie Ridge on way to McAdam September 12, 2013 a.m....
  4. Deer Hunting
    Hey folks! Going out this fall deer hunting with my great uncle. Hoping to pick up some tricks of the trade from him and mentioned that he's gotten some good sized ones out on Keswick Ridge. I trust the man, but thought I'd bring it up here. What do you guys think good spot? Anywhere else in...
  5. Gone Hunting
    Hi Everyone, My sons and I are looking for a small camp to rent for deer hunting, all we ask for is that it be clean, comfortable and in a remote area, we are not interested in being crowded by other hunters. I am mainly interested in photography and wildlife, they are interested in deer...
  6. Deer Hunting
    I am looking for a deer hunting guide for the Bathurst Region. I am an American moving to the area in late summer. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hunting in the News
    From the Times & Transcript today : Figures for season better than expected but still low Deer hunters fared better than some had expected during the month-long hunting season that ended Saturday, but "better" is a relative term. Hunters registered 4,755 deer by season's end. On one hand...
1-7 of 7 Results