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  1. Deer Hunting
    Anyone got lucky yet this deer season ?
  2. Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast
    In this episode of The Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast, Dave talks with Dick Fevens, owner/operator of Sandy Lake Lodge, a remote Newfoundland Moose and Bear hunting lodge. Sandy Lake Lodge enjoys a healthy population of moose, caribou and bears in the area surrounding its quiet and tranquil...
  3. Hunting in the News
    Might of been posted somewhere else in the forum but wasn't able to find it so here goes, lots of interesting reading :
  4. Deer Hunting
    Nothing surprising in this story :
  5. Moose Hunting
    Here is a link to a CBC NB news story : What rumors have you guys and girls been hearing for next year ? The one I heard last night once I returned to town was of a possible two seasons of three days, anyone...
  6. Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast
    In this episode of The Maritime Outdoorsman, host Dave Doggett talks with Mike Dean about the various boating, hunting, atv, snowmobile, and now paddle sport courses available. If you enjoy the great outdoors, and want to make sure you are properly educated and legally certified, this episode...
  7. Upland Bird Hunting
    As the title suggests, I am wondering if the bird population is down this year? They sure seem more skiddish and much harder to find. Admittedly, I don't hunt over a dog, but where in a good day I might get three birds walking trails or old orchards, now I am delighted when I get one - if that...
  8. Gone Hunting
    Hi, Someone have a suggestion for hunting boots to hunt deer, moose and partridge in Northern New-Brunswick (Bathurst)? I'm looking for a pair of Irish Setter but don't know how much insulate is good for the hunting season here. I do a lot of walk for partridge but not much for deer and moose...
  9. Bear Hunting
    Hey guys, I'm from nova Scotia and I am looking to get a bear and see your spring season is coming to a close. Does anybody have a good spot that they have been baiting that they have already taken their bear and wouldn't mind showing me? I am a bow hunter and this would be my first bear ever. I...
  10. Waterfowl Hunting
    Hi everyone, We would love for you all to come visit us we're always looking for new friends and feedback on how we're doing. Come post your pics, hunts, questions or anything related to the great sport of hunting in which we all love. We have some great partners with some great gear you...
  11. Hunting Dogs
    Posted for Talbot Sweetapple: FT/HT prospect Chesapeake Bay Retrievers due 20 Oct . Confirmed by ultrasound. Out of GMH Montauk's Acadie, MH "KD" X Donnetts Gabriel, MH "Gabe". For more information or to reserve a pup, email, visit the or call Don at 902-757-0543...
1-11 of 11 Results