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  1. Upland Bird Hunting
    As the title suggests, I am wondering if the bird population is down this year? They sure seem more skiddish and much harder to find. Admittedly, I don't hunt over a dog, but where in a good day I might get three birds walking trails or old orchards, now I am delighted when I get one - if that...
  2. Upland Bird Hunting
    Hi everyone. Thought I'd start this topic for us to share our wisdom for hunting this elusive bird. For example, when is the best times of the day to hunt for partridge and where one should look, worth hunting in the rain...etc. I'll start with a few bits of wisdom I've gathered whiling...
  3. Gone Hunting
    Hi, Someone have a suggestion for hunting boots to hunt deer, moose and partridge in Northern New-Brunswick (Bathurst)? I'm looking for a pair of Irish Setter but don't know how much insulate is good for the hunting season here. I do a lot of walk for partridge but not much for deer and moose...
1-3 of 3 Results