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  1. Rifle/Guns
    Hi, I have a question about choke. I have a pump action shotgun that my father bought to me 10 years ago. It works great but the only thing is that it's a full choke and I can't change it by screwing another choke in it if you know what I mean. In another word, it's a ''one piece full choke''...
  2. Gone Hunting
    I have a Mossberg Maverick 88 Field 12 guage version and I was wondering would it be legal to put on a knoxx specops stock? it doesnt actually fold but it can adjust how long it is. thats what it looks like i was just wondering if it would be legal or not.
  3. Rifle/Guns
    I'm thinking of getting into waterfowl hunting and I was looking into purchasing a semi auto shotgun I have a limited budget. I was looking at the Mossberg 930 or the Weatherby SA-08 both are around $600 and that's about all I can afford. Does anbody have any experience with either of those...
1-3 of 3 Results