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I've been out looking at the few small plots I've worked the last few years

the driest site has nothing much at all going on.

It is a hard packed intersection of 2 logging roads and woodyard

nothing has volunteered back from the efforts of the last 2 years

the other 2 sites seem to have a bit more moisture and have plenty of clover coming back this year with zero input by me this year.

I've decided not to put any effort or $$ into plots this year and see what comes from the clover

I've already put cameras out and checked them once and am encouraged that several deer are there daily

I listened to literally 100's of hours of PODCASTS this past fall and winter while running logging equipment and found a PODCAST that every deer hunter should listen to


put on by:


I really liked it

tremendous amount of information about deer food,behaviour,science etc

the best one was and part of the reason I've backed off the efforts on my small plots was the episode 007-Mineral stumps for deer nutition

you gotta listen to it!!!

food plots are a dessert,a treat, definitely an attraction but not a real substitute for natural food from the woods,fields, clearcuts and edges where these areas meet
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