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.223 forsale/trade Savage model 25 with clip

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The gun is mint and by viewing you will see it has had very little use. The mounted optics is a Tasco 6-24x40. It is a tack driver. Very accurate.

I have it forsale but would prefer intersting trades. I can provide pics upon request. I would like to get $625
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would you trade a new savage edge .223 only shot 4 times + some cash. there is nothing wrong with the gun but I had ordered a model 25 and waited like 6 months and ended up just buying the edge.
here is a pic of the same gun

is this your gun?
A pic of the Savage is now posted in the gallery. as for trading for the edge... what did you have in mind? I really dont need another .223 I have a Ruger all ready . Its the M77 MarkII. Will post it in the gallery beside the Savage. Do you have any others?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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