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4evrhntns First year trapping

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Took my trappers course and am going to start trapping this year. Its something I always wanted to do but felt that without a mentor id be crazy to start trapping on my own. Then came the internet and enough information to get me started. Hoping to buy about $1000 dollars worth of gear a little later on this summer. Picked up 35 older legholds at an auction and they should be good for some rats. Going to try to document my season on this post and with any luck ill learn how to post pictures by then. Certainly open to any information you guys have. Hoping to mainly focus on rats with some **** and hopefully later on a cat. Also if anyone knows of any gear for sale let me know . Thanks
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Looking fwd to your reports, I'll try to help along the way.
Looking forward to your reports. Remember to apply for your bobcat tags in Sept. Trapping will make you an excellent hunter and observer of sign in the woods/waters.
I have 100 wood muskrat strechers made of cedar to sell asking $1.00 each and 4 bobcat,1 coyote 10 squril or weisel,3 mink,3 otter to sell.I live 20 miles south of fredericton .thought you mite be interested
Yes ron i am interested ill take all of them. Call you tommorrow . Thanks
Off to a slow start getting gear and getting set up. Had a very busy fall with personal issues and work. I did have a cpl dozen snares and decided to throw out hide and head and waste from my deer and set a few snares. Set 7 snares and got this coyote this week. First trapping catch besides mice lol. I think this will be addictive also lol.
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Nice Catch!!! Looks like a bit of waterhead on him. Always fun skinning out waterheads....NOT...LOL
Nice job 4evr!
Congratulations!!! I hate skinning yote's

If you need traps let me know, I have about 600 I need to get rid of. 300 or so legholds in every size and type and a like number of coni's.
I think I even have a couple dozen soft catch that were never out of the boxes. Been meaning to dig out some of my equipment and post it under classifieds but haven't had the time. I'm not into it with little time to do it anymore and thought I might keep a few and sell the rest. Got several dozen wire stretchers in different sizes as well.
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