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i heard the amount of anterless tags in zone23 (saint john to fundy park) is going up from 1000 to 1500 in efforts to control the deer population in urban areas, such as quispam. i know they are having a problem there, but out where i hunt (towards st.martins) the deer #'s don't seem to be increasing. and every hunting season there are less deer being tagged at the registration station. the last few years it has only been around 20 and it used to be around 80-100 if i remember correctly.
i think that instead of a zone wide tag increase the dnr could propose a plan simular to grand mannan. if you draw an anterless tag for zone23 and harvest it with a bow (so yoiu could be as close as 100yrds of an URBAN AREA)and register it in a town having deer population problems like quispam. you then are able to purchase a buck tag.
i dont know, this may just make hunters bring there deer for all over to tag so they can get another tag.
just my idea.
what do you think?
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