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"A Bowhunters Perfect Day"

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I had this posted on the old site, and thought I would put it here again. I know that deer season is still a long way off. But while we are all getting our gear ready, and planning our fall hunts. Here is a bit of pre-season "inspiration" for those crisp fall mornings.

The following is my poem of a descriptive bowhunting morning, when everything goes really well.
Now for a hunting day to be a success or really fun, we don't have to make a kill or bag a trophy! So the idea of a perfect day to each and every one of us is different. Any day out in the woods for me is perfect!
I won't apologize for the length of it! Because I couldn't make it any shorter and give it the detail that I wanted. So if you fall asleep half way through, that's ok! Or you can finish it tomorrow or next week or whatever! I had actually thought of calling Double-Day and submitting it as a novel.. just kidding!

I just want you all to enjoy it for what it is, a description of a "feeling"…a state of mind…that we all are into at least sometime during the hunting season!

I know all you macho dudes don't want to admit that you read poetry, but look at it this way….the next time you wife gives you a hard time for all the hours spent on a hunting forum! Just say ….but dear!…I'm reading poetry and bettering my intellectual skills! So…enjoy…..and remember as you read….put yourself there ..on …


The bussing alarm brings me out of my dreams
Grope for the snooze then remembering
That this is no work day I wish to sleep in
But a glorious one I can't wait to begin

My deer stand awaits all alone in that tree
Today there is nowhere that I'd rather be
All my clothes are laid out for the cold day ahead
Of course camos a must if I want to stay hid

The smell of fresh coffee fills my nostrils with glee
Crackling bacon and eggs I cook just for me
This fare though routine on any normal day
Tastes so much more special in every way

As I sit and savor the days first meal
Today's hunt fills my mind what will it reveal?
I head out the door with my gear in my hand
My chariot awaits partner to the days plan

She cranks and then purrs as if sensing her role
In the job that awaits me her part to fulfill
As the headlights swing out onto the road
I crank up the heater last reprieve from the cold

I enjoy the short drive past pastures and barns
In quiet meditation my thoughts all alone
I glance at the clock am I running behind?
It beams back the answer I'm making good time

Then approaching in the distance growing larger still
The tall grass tries to hide it but I know it too well
The old road just two ruts now from years of neglect
I nudge the brake lightly and then cut the wheel left

Park the truck, kill the engine and then all the lights
Darkness now blankets but the stars are still bright
The promise of a clear day looms in my thoughts
I gather my bow and my pack and I'm off

I reach the fields edge greet a well known friend
Many seasons flood back from my youth once again
My small flashlight illuminates the shimmering gleam
From the frost laden field in it's reflective beam

Steam rising from breath the air crisp on my face
Anticipation increasing I quicken my pace
Down into the hollow I follow the path
The leaves crunching loudly brushing trees as I pass

I reach my chosen tree and don't waste any time
Adjusting my harness tie my bow to the line
Then carefully I climb on up to my perch
Extra care to step onto the platform a must

Next step on the list I perform with great care
Tie my safety strap on for my family's welfare
I get settled in the stand hang my pack in the tree
Then pull my bow up oh but so carefully

One final inspection and in the holder it rests
Hang the quiver on its hook where I like it the best
One arrow is chosen from the grippers with care
Inanimate envy from all others in there

With x ray precision my eyes scan the shaft
Are the blade edges clean vane and nock do they pass?
And then one "just for luck" kiss it is blown
Nock pressed to the string the bows rest is its throne

Double checking my release and my drawing arm room
Settle onto the seat the hunt officially on
The darkness is fading my eyes adjust to the light
The morning is taking control of the night

The stars though still there now impossible to see
The sky turning blue natures sweet gift to me
I gaze down on my world this small piece I have claimed
From my limb I'm an eagle in my preys domain

The day slowly awakens the sun starts to rise
Stirring tiny creatures the cold night forced to hide
They scurry about scattering leaves as they go
Entertaining me with this interlude show

The cold mornings chill now replaced with suns heat
feels warm on my face and begs me to sleep
But I must keep a vigil for opportunities call
I'm determined to ensure I don't miss it at all

I survey all below me what a perfect place to be
My mind comprehending all the beauty I see
The maples nearly bare now summers leaves have joined the rest
That have fallen to ground from countless seasons past

Soon winters white will blanket them till the coming of spring
Then new buds will rejuvenate into fresh green ones again
A flicker of movement my eyes they lock on
Two brown forms perhaps a doe and a fawn

Through the trees now still moving antlers come into view
Blood starts pumping faster yes this one will do
Two does in the lead and the suitor behind
He's right on their tails he's wasting no time

With hurried nervous steps they advance closer still
Their destination clear as they head for the hill
My body starts to tense as I just realize
My bows on the holder I've been caught by surprise

They are headed right for me it's now or it's never
Grasp the bow grip so slowly as if it were a feather
My eyes leave the deer for a second no more
To ensure that the jaws lock the string loop secure

The females are passing my tree on my right
If the big boy stays on them I pray that he might
Seconds seem like hours in natures chess game
I hold my weapon steady the fever trying to tame

The bucks crown shines just like new finished oak
the infamous shakes it starts to provoke
The escorts reach my lane and they don't miss a step
Then the buck gets cold feet and stops for a bit

As he stops he stands proud his nose high in the air
What an awesome sight that he is to be sure
With one foot forward he then follows the line
Two more steps and he's clear I'm drawing its time

With smooth rehearsed motion I come to full draw
Half his body still hidden once again the buck stalls
My muscles are taught awaiting his next step
my bow arm it trembles it begs to relax

My hand feels the pressure strap tugging my wrist
My composure I hold I'm not giving in to this
Heart beats like a hammer the bass pounding my ears
I swear that he hears it one more of my fears

Then finally, praise be he takes that next step
He's clean in the open now yes this is it
Touch my nose to the string, I anchor my hand
My release finger waiting for the final command

With my sight pin I burn a small hole in his chest
In the world at this moment nothing matters but this
Quick snap of the trigger and the arrows in flight
My eyes track the vanes tracer as it arcs out of sight

A sharp crack and a scuffle as the deer all scatter
The buck hunches down kicks off and runs after
I follow his path as he cuts through the trees
Disappears from my view I can no longer see

For a moment twigs snapping then silence restored
I listen intently for anything more
My body's shaking worsens all control I have lost
Hand searches the seat to sit down I must

My mind hit's the rewind I play back the scene
Was my pin where I wanted it? My release smooth and clean?
I sit and I wait for twenty minutes then ten more
My head spinning crazy but I have to be sure

To give the buck time to ensure a quick kill
Cause you just never know till you take up the trail
I finally climb down and head right to the spot
Stand right where he stood when I made the shot

I don't see my arrow that's not a good sign
But it could have stayed with him its not the first time
Concern it weighs heavy as I comb the grass below
A couple more steps checking tracks as I go

Then a glimmer of ruby shock waves straight to my heart
Melts my worry and doubt my spirits picked up
A second drop and another then a painting of red
Then my arrow appears on the leaves up ahead

I examine the shaft and it tells a good tale
The buck must be down its done its job well
I track the blood further and soon there he is
What a fine buck to take on a great day like this

I sit in the leaves and soak up this feeling
The adrenaline rush has my body still reeling
From my pack my small camera but I have no tripod
No big deal to me this day I'll just use this log

Some tweaking of the f stop and the shutter I make
Set the focus and timer and then hurry in place
I smile for the photos these moments frozen in time
To be savored in my last years just like aged wine

With the photo's all taken I get on with it
Perhaps not the fun part but I don't mind it a bit
I must dress it out now there's no time to waste
To ensure that there's no tainting of this great bounty's taste

I roll up my sleeves and grab my old knife
It's certainly not the first time for this in my life
I finish the task clean my hands with dry leaves
When a plan works this well it is hard to believe

An emotional wave fills my soul to the brim
God how I do love this Bowhunting thing
I return to the stand and retrieve all my gear
then back to my trophy and what a fine deer

It's time to start dragging for it's not really far
Just a short little ways to where I am parked
I grasp the rough base it feels good in my palm
Brace my arm for the weight and then pull really strong

I'm building up momentum really covering ground
Just a hundred yards more and then homeward bound
Other hands would be welcome yes to lighten the load
But on this day I'm content in my own solitude

Although it adds much to have friends share these times
There are also those moments when we need to unwind
To face this great challenge alone in our task
To prove what we're made of and discover the past

Like pioneers before us skills needed to survive
Instincts almost lost in our modern lives
Well finally I'm back at the truck once again
From early this morning what a day it has been

Now it's time to head home to my family
I'll share my adventure and all I got to see
I'm sure they'll be happy for me and my luck
And no doubt as proud as I am of my buck

As the day draws to a close I'll reflect once again
I'll relive it all over from beginning to the end
The passion and the drive that fills all Bowhunters hearts
Is impossible to realize unless you play the part

It's the combination of the small things that equals the sum
Of what our hunting adventures mean to each and every one
For anyone who's not experienced this feeling for themselves
Can never truly understand the Bowhunting spirit very well

So to all you Bowhunters I do hope and pray
That you may have many of your own "Perfect Hunting Days"

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"Thanks" Buddy!
Glad you enjoyed it. Bowhunting is in my blood now for sure.....only wish I had started years earlier.
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Great job man...those days mean so much to all of us!!!
"Thanks"! Russ14
They sure do, thats why I take all three weeks of my vacation in hunting season every year.
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