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A few archery Items for sale

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I have a few left over archery items for sale, as follows

(5) 2219 Easton XX 78 Super Slam aluminum arrows 30 1/2" with Blazer vanes and uni-nocks.(also one extra that needs front insert, nock, and vanes)=$20
WB rest=$25
Trophy Ridge Matrix 5 pin=$60
Trophy Ridge Matrix 5 pin(with one broken pin)=$40
Cobra release= $10
Gator jaw release $10
Tru-fire release $10

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Whoops! Forgot the Sight Master sight, with the crosshair and battery operated fibre optic pin. I have some extra sight tapes for it.=$20
Also the Simms S Coil Stabilizer=$20

The three releases with wrist straps have a little wear on the jaws from use on an aluminum string loop. But are still in pretty good shape. Would be ideal for teaching kids to shoot.

Both Trophy Ridge sights are sold.

As well as Cobra release and S coil stabilizer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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