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I am wondering if anyone can answer a question for me. I am looking for shells for my shotgun, for birds, it is a 28 g. The problem I have is I am a breast cancer survivor, who loves to hunt, deer and birds, but find it hard to keep shooting a 20 g or 12. Don't really like a 410, but find the 28 to be a very nice gun. With deer, I shoot either a 303 or 30-30, depending on where hunting and under what conditions. With the rifle tho, hopefully only have to shoot once. The only place I have tracked them down in the Miramichi, they are going for over $30 per box, and I find that nuts. I do a lot of travelling in NB, they are very seldom avail here. It is a beautiful lite gun, shoots very nice, and have great faith in it. I have all above mentioned guns and rifles, including a .22, which I have great fun with, but really like the 28 g. Any suggestions?
I think the gun dealer in Mcadam has the federal gold medal # 8.5 target loads for $99.99 per case (10 boxes) plus tax or the win AA hs for $129.99 per case plus tax. Or about $3 more per box if you only buy 1 at a time.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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