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Antlered doe

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I had a doe on running around last fall with a pair of twins who had a single antler on the left side, maybe 4" long. This summer I have pictures of an antlered doe with a set of yearlings (spike and doe). The problem is that this doe has two velvet antlers which are both a few inches long. Do you think that she would grow another antler or do you think this would be a new deer. I can't imagine it being a new one myself but I never dreamed she would grow a second antler. She has no new fawns with her this year which is kind of upsetting. I think we may have a few too many coyotes. I never did get out before fawning season this year.
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You think she may have shed the single antler BT? Never thought that possible either?
How does that work if you don't have a doe tag? It has visible antlers, but wrong gender...
Its actually an antlerless tag not a doe tag. An antlered doe goes as an antlered deer.
Thats pretty neat tobiquer. Have never seen anything like it. Thanks for posting the picture.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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