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I've read similar threads but I need to vent this.

I watched a doe with her 2 fawns all summer long. I was able to get really close to them late summer and simply sit on my quad and observe. Sometimes for up to 20 minutes at 10 yards. This all behind my house in the fields.

I just spoke to an older hunter that hunts near me and the other day he noticed crows circling an area. Well you know the rest of the story. Turns out the 2 fawns were left dead in the bush. No sign of the doe. Apparently a 9 pointer was taken near there too.

So congrats on whoever got the 9 point buck. There were lots of us hunting him.

As for the murderers, well. What can you say - I can think of alot of words but I'll guard my tongue.

Really freakin disappointing. I'm actually quite sad about it. They were really nice animals and had potential to add a bit to the local 'herd'.

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