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Hello all.
Here we are at the fall season already and most of you know I have moved away from the fredericton area and I was very afraid that the archery group Arrows 4 Christ at First Weslyan was going to shut down. Low and behold the gauntlet has been picked up and the group will in fact continue. I am posting a copy of the email I recieved and some of you may have got it too but for anyone else that wants a great spot to shoot and have some fun while practicing and keeping your form in the off season, well let George know. His contact information is after the message he sent out and I have copy and pasted in here.

Take care and I will try to make a few appearances over the winter.

To the Arrows 4 Christ Archery group from George M. Murray

Hello, if you are getting this mailing I hope you where a participant of the archery group at the First Weslyan Church. I am sure many of you will know that Bruce has moved to Juniper and is no longer able to lead the group. Because I am one of the few that attend service at First and I wanted Bruce's dream to continue, I approached the new Senior Pastor and talked to him about my desire to continue if possible the weekly archery shoots. He took my request to the Church Board and this week I was granted the right to continue as we have in the past, as long as there is interest enough to make it worth while. This will coninue to be a ministry of the church, which means that we can use the facilities at no cost to us other than the donations we would continue to take up that would allow us to make equipment purchases or any other thing that is needed.

I have offered to help keep the archery group going as needed. If that means taking the lead and basically doing what Bruce has done in the past, so be it. If no one volunteers to take over I will assume that means it is up to me, but I am sure others will help. As this whole thing is new to me I am looking for some things from you. First of all I need to know if there is interest, and by interest I mean a real desire to see us continue on and the intent to be there regularly. Secondly if there is interest I will need to know when to have our shoots (I have sent an email to the church secretary who looks after scheduling of the facilities and asked if Tuesday evenings where still available but have not had a reply as of yet). Thirdly we as a group will need to actively keep looking for others to join our ranks and help us to grow some in size so we can justify the use of the facility.

So there it is, if interested please reply as soon as possible. If you are not a part of the group or do not want to be let me know as well and I will remove you from the mailing list. If there are volunteers, by all means, let me know. I think we can make this work if the regulars from the last year and a few others can come on board and strengthen our numbers. One last thing I ask of you, if you know others that have attended in the past, please ask them if they interested as well. I am sure that there are many others that I do not have the email address for.

I am looking forward to your response, George M. Murray

End Quote

Contact information for George Murray
Home email [email protected]
Work email [email protected]
Home phone (leave a message) 506-458-8701

Give him a hand in keeping this evening of fun going.

Bruce O'Blenis
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