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Bear 2010

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Anyone else whack a black ghost this spring, lets see some photos!
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my buddy almost did with his quad when we were out in the rusagonis rail bed a week ago. seen 6 in the past 2 weeks while riding the trails. might pick up a tag in the fall but dont know if i would enjoy the meat enough to warrant shooting one.
my buddy almost did with his quad when we were out in the rusagonis rail bed a week ago. seen 6 in the past 2 weeks while riding the trails. might pick up a tag in the fall but dont know if i would enjoy the meat enough to warrant shooting one.
I've only eaten spring bear. Best way I can describe it is free range beef. Very good!
I was told by the guide who fed me the bear meat that the trick is to hang it for quite long time before butchering it.
I agree Wooly, bear meat is beary beary good. I would take a bear steak over a deer steak anyday!
We usually let our's hang for a couple of days, but I think the most important thing is to remove as much of the fat as you can and to bone it out.
Our bears have always been taken in the spring so I would be curious to know what the fall meat is like.
Definately alot more fat to remove but I wonder how much difference there would be in the overall taste?
I just take the tenders and one rear quarter. Wouldnt say it quite tastes like free range beef, also I really dont think it is as good as venison, find the meat real fatty even with all the fat cut off. Anyways comon, lets see some photos and hear a few stories!
All my bears have been fall bears.
I find getting the hide and most of the fat and getting the meat cooling as fast as you can gives best tablefare.
The meat will NOT cool with the hide on even in a freezer for several days.
Drop it,clean it,get it out,get it hung and skun,hang in cooler,trim fat...go home,come back in the morning and trim more fat (comes of easier cool)
Last fall bear was shot at 6:18pm we weren't finished til 0349am but first time doing a hide for a mount and there may have been some cold ones involved.
We didn't get it out of the woods til 9Pm and home by 9:30,to work about 10:30.
It didn't get taken to the cooler til the next day around suppertime was very cool in the night and not bad thru the day inside a shed.
As a result it isn't the best meat I have had but it is definately good....alot like beef depending on what it is gorging itself on.
In the fall around here there is plenty of berries and crops mostly corn and apples.
In the spring you don't have this,I suspect given the amount a bear will consume in the run of a fall day this would have an effect on the meat. the meat up on a rack so it isn't cooking in the fat that is marbled in the meat helps.
(Roasts or broiling your steaks/chops in oven)
BBQ is definately the best way to have it done IMO.
Never have it pink but no need to have it crispy either.

I love my bearhuntin....
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My buddy Dana from Michigan bear 2009
Tcam pic was last blink of it's eyes...short recovery distance...heehee
Second pic he had already come up to the road and called me,no cell coverage at site but I had heard him shoot from my yard.
I was waitin for the call..I know what my Husqvarna sounds like.

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Beauty Bruin KPR, seen alot of spring bears meet their maker and only a few have tipped 300lb in the spring. Looks like a wicked coat on him too! Nice job.
We have no bears come into our sites, lots of action in the falls but nothing around this spring, there is some wood being cut in the area, don't know if that is throwing them off or what...we are about ready to pack it in until fall unless the temp goes down and bears show up.
Went out for a couple of days, never shot bear with the bow, but got some nice video and had a great time watching this one.(held out, hoping for a bigger one

would come in and take its time feeding (for over an hour back and forth)
Ground blind at a about 20yds.

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I have a few pics of a bear that was a regular at my bait. Any idea how much he would weigh?

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I think ya got two differant bears in those pics HTM.
If the stump in front of the one braodside (Pic#2) is a ft high on the left side and about a 1.5ft wide and about 3ft from the bear...
I'd guess that one @ about 220-240lb live weight.
The one facing away is a much heftier bear and looks as though it is definately gonna be longer & wider.

Quite a rush on the ground that close eh mu'in?

Bearhunter...the best hide I have ever seen on that one,full/thick/shiny even the taxidermist who talked us through skinnin it said same thing.
KPR, I have pics of 9 different bears coming to the bait. I have shown pics of the big one to a few people and they thought he would be 350 - 400 lbs.
The one standin broadside 350-400lbs?
I might say the one in pic #1 could be if I could see a shot broadside it definately looks big.

Tough to judge from a picture.

This one we know was 318lbs compare timestamp above first pic/dead bear @ 6:14pm.

This one,same spot, we guessed at 400lbs...full sized barrel behind swallowed the second barrel that was
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How high is your trail camera mounted? It looks as though it is pointing down. Could be wrong though.
For Sure KPR,
makes the ole' stick and string feel a bit inadequate

When he stops and looks at ya. makes ya wonder...

Man, that is a nice bear in your last pic...
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Thats a nice bear your friend got there KPR!
I haven't gotten into the bear hunting too much myself. Had a nice one move in on my deer stand site last fall. Seemed to be a pretty biggun. This bear sizing by photo's is tough for sure.
This is my next door neighbours bear. Nice markings on chest.

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I know this is a thread for this springs bears, but just wanted to see if you guys think this bear form last fall was a big one...because I have a hard time telling in the pics.

That last pic has no scale. So here is a better one, with me in the third pic for scale. The last pic is his claws when he ripped my camera off the tree!

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