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Bear huntin - back at it....

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It's been many years since I've hunted for bear... decided that I'm going to give it a try again this fall.. with my Hoyt Trykon 70 lbs... got the bait barrel set up today, picked out a treestand location, cleared a little path that I can drive the trike in to drop the off bait...

just gotta decide now on where to get my bait here in Moncton..
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Get your bait source secured early, Chadman.
Every time I approach a pastry store or grocery store in Moncton, the answer is always no, or they've already committed themselves to another hunter who beat me to it.
I have good luck though getting french fry fat from restaurants.
buddy of mine is giving me some apples that are falling off his trees, have 5 pails of apples currently... will be going around this week for scraps and such.. will try the idea of fryer fat and grease, there's enough fast food places around town for all of us bear hunters eh?! lol
5 pails, will go through that in a night, also with the amount of apples around gonna be hard to keep them there. Go to co-op buy 2 60 kg sacks of oats, and 2-3 5 galon pales of bulk mollases and there you got you bait. Goes along way and works great. To start it off get some old shell fish or meat, put it in a bucket and crank her up high so they cant get at it, will rott and bring em in along ways off. Also poor your fryer fat all over the barrel and all around the ground by the barrel, they pad it off into the woods. Good luck
5 pails in one night. WOW!! You must have some smoking hot baitsites.
Never baited fall bears nor used apples but if it is like the spring 4-5 bears can eat a pile of bait as you are aware. Not really sure how much they can pack away as I always put out the same amount of bait. 1 night maybe an exageration but wouldnt last too long wouldnt imagine.
we've always hunted fall bear, coat is much better, thicker and fuller and don't have to worry about hair falling off while you're trying to get it out of the woods. Same here, always put the same amount of bait out and always visit the bait site at the same time and go thru the same routine as far as putting it back together with the barrel and any logs we used to help cover it.. I'll be able to use my stealth cam to take pics... should be interesting
I won't be putting the 5 pails out at once.. buddy has 5 pails picked up from his yard so I'll be starting with probably 2 pails or so to get the site going.. it's been a long time since anyone has hunted bear around home.
I'll see what I can pick up at Coop and around town for meat scraps this week.
I'll see what I can pick up at Coop and around town for meat scraps this week.
i use bread from the ben's bakery outlet
$1 a tray (yes .10 cents a loaf)
then i get kitchen scraps from restaurants
and grease from the same restaurants
5 trays of bread
60 lts of the fryer oil
and 1 bag of no name dog food 50lbs!
there....your 45 gallon barrel is full
usually last 7-10 days
cost $20 for those 7-10 days
awesome, good info Thanks Dale
there will be some monstermix bear blend in freddy this week if your interested . it works good
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