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Bow strength training

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Whats the best way to strengthen your "BOW Muscles" for comfortably pulling back higher poundage bows?

any tips or tricks...
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More pratice and eventually youll be pulling more weight,
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Shoot a longbow or a recurve, it will make your compound feel like a joke after 2 or 3 months.
More pratice and eventually youll be pulling more weight,
and don't add too much,just a little at a time
There is a website called fit for archery. They offer some great exercises to strengthen your core, and archery muscles.
I'll try to find my bow exerciser and find out who makes it. Its a big rubber tube with a handle like your bow on it. Works wonders. Have you up to 70 lbs in no time at all.
Great, im hoping to be up to speed before the season starts..

Update, started adding a bit of extra draw weight and didnt seem to take to long to get used to it (shoot longer and longer with added weight)

Just make sure you don't end up with a draw weight to high to draw after you've been sitting down in the cold for a couple of hours.
This is the rig I use.

Works great!! This will increase your poundage quickly if you use it everyday for a little while. These newer bows 70 lbs is a pretty easy pull and hold. Some new bows have 80% let off which is really nice. Most have at least 65%.

I know 50 lb draw will kill animals but 65 - 70 will stick your arrow in the ground after pass through in most cases. Nice with blood dripping of the fletchings. Cant wait till the season starts in October. Best of Luck to you guys!!
Great, ill order one (be handy on the off season as well)...

thanks and Happy hunting
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