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Brand New .223 Savage Stevens - 350$

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Bought this last year with intentions on using it. Put one box of shells through it, haven't used it since. Its brand new, comes with scope mounts, rings, cheap bushnell scope, and browning camo sling. The dials on the scope aren't working properly, still have receipt for scope for return or you could simply send it to bushnell direct or fix it yourself. Will sell all for 500 and that includes a box of Winchester silver tip ballistics. I paid 449$ for rifle only last year.
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Would you be interested in a trade? I have a sks that is refurbished and a NIB garmin summitt gps that sells for $220 + tax, and a cheaper garmin gecko gps thats worth about $50. I can buy a new Stevens 200 in Moncton for $400 taxes in. Just asking.
How much is the rifle only worth?

maybe the rifle and cash.... but prefer cash only.
Rifle sells for about $230+ tax and shipping, I haven't seen any in NB shops, most of them come from out west. I was going to keep it as a deer rifle but my grandfather gave his old 308
let me know if you sell it....
I would consider trading for a brand new compound bow.
will sell with a new 4 power bushnell banner scope for asking price.
here are a couple pics for those of you who have emailed for pictures.

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willing to sell for 350 , without the sling.
Would you be interested in a little Trade? I have a woodstove perfect for a hunting camp or garage, hasn't been used in a couple of years........
No interest in a wood stove, but will sell for 325$.
Could I get your phone # and where do you live, I may have a friend that'll buy this off you. Thanks.
I have a Winchester model 70 25-06 that I would like to trade... interested?
I PM'd weeks ago but he hasn't been online since october.
Where are you located?
Is this gun still for sale ? I'm still waiting for a reply from last week. Thanks.
Is this gun still for sale ? I'm still waiting for a reply from last week. Thanks.
He hasn't been online since Oct 24th.I never received any reply to the PM I sent weeks ago.Ended up buying another one on here.
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