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Model: Browning Auto-5, Light Twelve (2-3/4, made in Beligum)
Barrel: Original Belgium made 28", full (fixed) choke barrel.
Manufactured Year: 1971
Type: Semi-Automatic
Capacity: 4+1, but currently includes removable magazine restrictor that makes it 2+1
Guage: 12ga, 2-3/4
Condition: GOOD
Location: Moncton, NB

This is a VERY reliable shotgun. Never in its history has it jammed or malfunctioned. EVER. My father's friends were shooting Berretas and Remington autos back in the days, and those were jamming frequently while waterfowling during winter. But this Auto-5 always kept on going, and brought lots of mallards and other waterfowl home.

This gun was originally bought new by my father in 1972 for waterfowling. It was his main shotgun until he stopped waterfowling 1980. It was then a safe queen until 2000, when he passed it on to me. Since 2000, I've used it for 5 seasons of upland hinting (grouse only, I shot a total of 2 boxes of ammo through it). I've since bought a cheap Cooey single shot 12ga, and don't need the Auto-5 anymore.

This Auto-5 is still 100% functional. Appearance-wise, I would say the bluing 60% (about 40% of it has worn off through the years). No rust or pitting, a few small scratches on the barrel. The wood only has a few small scratches here and there from normal usage. All in all, it's not a collector item, but it's in very good shape and still fully functional. A great asset to your arsenal.

Registered and legal, you will need a PAL to purchase this firearm.

Asking 550$ shipped.

Pics Below (Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures):

You can also see more detailed pictures in my gallery:

From there, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger, after that you can click on "Full Size" to view even more details.

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Just an opinion but I couldnt sell something my father past down to me, especially if its been in the family since new, You may like to pass it on to your kids someday, just an opinion
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