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Bucknut's 2010 scouting photos

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I've had cameras out for almost 2 months now and I figured I would share a few with you. Just checked one camera I just put out on Aug 2nd and got some nice results over a water hole.

I wouldn't hesitate pulling the trigger on thnis one! Would love to get a stand up now for bow season but the torn rotator cuff is still an issue.

A decent bull moose at the same spot

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nice pics! ya that first pic is a dandy buck for sure!!.. i could take your place for archery season at that location.. you know.. providing the rotator cuff is still in an issue!! let me know.. lol
Some nice pics-that moose seemed to like your camera!
Bucknut,is the big boy a new deer or have you had him before
New one and in a new area.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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