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bushnell camera problem

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I have a bushell camera, one of the small 5.0 pixel with the colour viewer, with 8 AA batt
sometimes it takes alot of good pictures over 24 hr.
and the problem is other times it will not take pictures for 12 to 24hrs then start taking pictures fine
Anyone else have this issue or know what's wrong?
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takin time I have the trophy cam also I have not had that problem yet.But this one on night pics the flash is bright on one pic the next is a lot weaker. I am using rechargible batteries This might be the problem. I have read where the lithems work the best.
I haven't had this problem with my camera but, I have heard of this problem with my friends and it was solved by switching the type of batteries he was using.
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I got the same one and i somehow did something when viewing it on a tv and it freaked out. After a while i got it back on the default settings and it seems to be back to normal.
I have the same camera I got for fathers day...the problem I have with mine is that it will take a picture of nothingminute or two depending on how it is and night it just keeps taking pictures,the first time I checked it it had over 3500 pictures in three days.Needless to say it is going back to the store tomorrow.
I've had my camera out for almost a month now. Got some pics of deer and moose but all during daylight hours. I dont have a single night time/infrared pic yet. I was wondering if it might be stuck on a day time mode or something and if there is one how to get it off.
I have a bushnell i r camera its crap will not take night time pics and goes into sleep mode for several days , sent back to repair , on the other hand i have a moultree works great
The only bushnell that I know is any good is the Trophy Cam. There is major problems with most of the others.
I have a bushnell trail cam and have had nothing but problems with it, once in a while I can get it to work for a day or 2 at a time but other than that it seems to put itself into sleep mode almost all the time.
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