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Cabela's Grand Opening 'Sale' Flyer...

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Received the new flyer from Cabela's -- have you seen this yet?!?

Admittedly, I didn't take a great deal of time to study it in depth, but a couple of things did jump right off the page to bite the end of my nose...

1) SKS rifles 'On Sale' for $199+/ea. {Regular $229.99}

When The Gun Dealer put these on sale, they're priced at $149. You can buy them any day of the week for what Cabela's calls their "Special Buy" price.

2) Challenger Target Loads; 12 ga 'On Sale' at $64.99+/250-rd case. "Save Over 20%"

If my late-night mental math is accurate, that puts the regular price at $80/case. Again, The Gun Dealer sells these at $61.99/case. EVERY DAY.

3) GSG 110-rd Drum Mag for the 10/22, priced @ $119.99/ea

At The Gun Dealer, I paid $99.99 for mine, and that was the regular price!

A brief glance thru this flyer reminds me of another giant US retailer who came to Canada, not too long ago, with the severely misguided attitude that we live in igloos and aren't informed shoppers. I hope Cabela's doesn't "target" us that way.

We live in interesting times. It'll sure be exciting to see how this unfolds.
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Cabela's Moncton...maybe. (??) Who knows...WKRP could be working the Camping section... :rolleyes:
Just bought an A400 at The GunDealer and was as smooth transaction that I've ever done over the phone.The salesperson was very courteous, asked twice on every detail of the gun.........Maybay was just lucky. lol

I would rather buy hunting and fishing goods from our own NB business people if at all possible.

If we don't support locally we will loose them. The US stores will pull out in a heart beat and we will be left with catalogue buying again.
High shipping against products we don't get to see,feel or try etc.
Wierd that my local Can Tire(SW Calgary) has better prices on the same guns as others farther north?
I fully expect other consumer goods are more expensive up in da patch,but I would've thought the prices at CanTire would be the same coast to coast?
ie;Rossi Ranch Hand .45LC from north to south
@ CT Edson-$689
CT Rocky Mt House-$679
Caroline Hardware and Supplies-$639
CT Calgary-$619
Everybody has a learning curve and just because you started working at a place this week doesn't mean you are supposed to know everything about everything in the store.

I was in on Friday night looking at knives and neither of the fella's working at the counter could offer a whole lot of help about the differences between the two I was looking at, but they were helpful, polite, looked up the specs on the internet and we figured it out together and didn't try to pretend they knew more than they actually did and spent a lot of time with me. I appreciated that and they will only get better and more knowledgeable the more questions they get asked.

I have a lot of respect for anybody that has to stand in that store for 8 hours at a time and listen to those pop guns going off over and over and over again...put some of those things in the hands of a few terrorists and I think I'd be confessing to whatever they wanted to accuse me of !!!
Pop guns. Is that what that noise was. I was wondering what the heck I kept hearing lol.
Fwiw....found the best price on Rossi Ranch Hands in Canada(?) cpl days ago at Calgary Shooting Center.Went in just killing time,seen the RRH for $525.....$95-$164 less than anywhere else I've seen in AB([email protected] Edson!) I left CSC with a new Rossi RH in .45 colt and a cpl boxes of 225gr Hornady Leverevolution for less $$ then the next best price I've seen at Can Tire CGY @$619! :D

CSC is quickly becoming my favorite gun shop....also saved $300+ off the next best price there on my Robinson XCR a few months ago....granted,it was last years stock and still priced at 2014 CDN $$.....but still,beat the 2015 prices EVERYWHERE....and $300 bucks is 300 bucks!
I was surprise to learn today that Cabelas will also be opening a store in Halifax (Dartmouth's Crossing), I guess the market is bigger then expected in Atlantic Canada.
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