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get yourself a bushnell trophy cam, batteries last a year +
Dido to Moosebuck's comments. Bushnell trophy in compact size running on 8 AAs for 4 solid months in -20 winter temps this year and still running the same battery set for my moose salt licks. I have 4 different trail cams right now and I would trade up the other 3 for Bushnell trophy or equivalent, and we (moosebuck and I) take a LOT of pics with those cam, avg 400-500 pics per 7 day period on low sensitivity mode.

Only problem I had with mine is heat sensor a little too sensitive in warm temps, you have to play with the sensitivity level and be conscious of camera angle in relation to the sun at your site.

Other manufacturers are gradually phasing out the C and D cells for longer running battery life like the Trophy, so get yourself a mini cam, stay away from the very high mega pix (3MP is all you need for quality pics) and enjoy trailcamming.

Setup, more than camera specs, have a lot to do with pics quality IMHO.

I have a D-40 that I purchased 3 years ago.....used it for a month, would work erratically, bear mauled it and the love story ended there!
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