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checked a camera last night

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Same 10 point and same bull moose

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Holy buck!
great pics
looks like your gonna have a great hunt this year!
Wow, fantastic buck! Try to get at him early. Once those leaves start falling he'll be like a ghost.
Dandy buck Scott...she's some dry in the woods!
Bucknut and Carll,

It looks like the 10 points you each have on camera are very similar. Both have a small sticker on the right G2 and both have the curve in the right brow tine. It is hard to tell because the pictures are at different angles but is there any chance this is the same buck? Are your cameras in locations close enough for this to be possible?
LOL! Good eye but these are definitely not the same buck.

I know Jason and we don't hunt the same areas. Not even close.

Scott's buck as longer G2's but my has longer brow's and G4's both are shooters!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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