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A Hunter's Christmas WISHES!

T'was the day before Christmas and all through the wood
The guns were all silent and the deer understood
Another slow season had just come and gone
It was time for both hunters and deer to move on

The deer knew that winter soon would arrive
So they must fatten up if they were to survive
And the hunters knew Christmas was approaching their door
It was time to start wishin' for big guns and more

The archery hunters were wishin' for bows
And arrows and range finders and then goodness knows
The guys who hunt rifle were hoping a gun
Would arrive Christmas mornin' to replace their old one

With ammo and targets and a new GPS
And a new hunting knife, that big buck to dress
Oh the hunters in this crowd made it perfectly clear
The presents they wanted all focused on deer

Whether new bow or rifle or shotgun and stuff
If it focused on hunting, one gift was enough!
So with dreams of a deer roast and great big buck rack
They sipped a hot toddy and jumped into the sack

So Santa remember all hunters we pray
And bring 'em what they want on this Christmas day!
If you can't bring us presents with our Christmas Cheer
Then in 2011, just send us a deer! Amen!

Merry Christmas NB Hunting members!
-Ray Dillon


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I have my nephew all ready to set up a carrot bait and when rudolph goes for it, we will shoot him, then santa and the rest wont be able to fly away, and then he suggested that we put some cookies out to and trap santa so he can never leave. I think he might be a hunter some day lol
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