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Yesterday came thissssssssss close to getting my first wolf.....arggggggggg!!! :(
Actually first wolf I've even seen with a gun in my hand or while hunting,usually only catch a glimpse while driving on hiways and haul roads. :(
Damn ice puddle!!
Walking a slash between 2 clear cuts yesterday,I was on some ice that gave way at the edge with a large crack,looked ahead and a damn wolf was making a beeline for the treeline 150yds ahead.....if only I had t cracked that ice,arggg!
Honestly thought it was a very large coyote at first,unslung gun off my shoulder,picked him up in the scope,one last hop he was gone,F#%!! was a young wolf anyhow,maybe 100lbs at most.....but still,any dead wolf is a good one.
Up til then had only seen a fair bit of deer and elk tracks hiking in these cuts since leaving truck 1km behind,but then tons of wolf tracks after seeing that lil one,looked like at least 6-8 in the pack and obviously still around,kinda discouraged my deer/elk prospects for the mornin with them toothy bass turds patrolling the area scaring the shot outta everything for a mile radius no doubt.
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Working hauling logs into GP now,HOLY F¥€# there is a pile of wolf tracks in cut blocks,seen some this morn musta been 6" diameter! :0
Haven't seen one live in the flesh yet but the operators see them regularily.
......and I don't remember seeing a damn thing during orientation prohibiting firearms in vehicles,lol......(most oil companies expressly prohibit :p. )
Me thinks I'll bring a bang stick back up with me after Xmas. :D
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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