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Cross bow setup

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Hi All

Long time compound bowhunter here. I was over on the NShunting site reading the rather long debate/discussion over crossbow season placement, ie, seperate season, with gun season, with bow season. well, it was interesting to say the least.

However,one thing did come out that I would not have thought was an issue, tuning. One person brought it up in response to a statement that it only took 3 shoots to dial in the scope and it was ready for hunting, I would have thought that having a rifle type stalk, it would already be set from the factory as far as tuning.

What is involved in tuning a crossbow? arrow rest horizontal and vertical position, arrow selection, arrow fletching?

What about practice, how much compared to long rifle and compound bow?

What about drawing the crossbow, would a person with a bad back have trouble doing this?
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I bought a crossbow last september and shot a bull moose on the first sunday in October up in Quebec. I never owned one before that.

The scope came mounted. All I did was read the instructions which indicated what horzontal line in the scope to line up for the 30 yard shot. My scope has 3 lines or dots when I turn on the lighted reticle. They are graduated to match the tradjectory of the bolt. The crossbow came bore sighted so left and right was fine but I could fine tune it the same way as a rifle scope with the wndage adjustment. Up and down is done the same way also. I was hitting bull's eyes on the second shot. I found it to be very easy. that was shooting on a calm day. Very little tuning. Fairly straight forward.

Buy the bolts from where you buy the crossbow. They are made for each bow. For example I buy the Ten Point bolts for mine and they shoot the same every time. No need to worry about length. They are all the same unlike draw length for a compound bow. You don't have to worry about spine and arrow length.

My ten point scope was graduated for the tradjectory using a 100 grain broadhead. So that is what i used. No need to buy bigger in my opinion. My bolt passed through my moose at 40 yards.

There is no arrow rest adjustment. The bolt sits in a grooved channel. One fletching sits in the groove and the other 2 clear the string.

It's fairly easy to pull back since you are using both arms and your foot to hold it to the ground. But many of the brands have an optional string cock mechanism instead of using your arms. More money but well worth it. I might get one for my Ten Point crossbow since I tore my rotator cuff and getting surgery in July.

AS for practice. Yes practice. Wind and terrain play a big part in your shooting abilities just as shooting from a treestand or on the ground. Try all positions including standing up. Try it with heavy clothing and light clothing. It's basically similar to holding a gun but the wind and shooting positions affect it much more.
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Thanks for the info Bucknut. I thought they were more complicated then that. I'll stick to the compound bow for now but after having so much trouble last fall with tendonitis last fall, I may add the cross bow for more options down the road.

BTW, does the rotator cuff injury stop you from shooting like it would with a compound bow?
No the rotator cuff is not really affected by cocking the crossbow. for me anyways. I have no trouble pulling up from the ground to my chest. It's holding my arm out horizontally. I have no strength and unable to lift my arm higher then my shoulder heigth. I'm going for surgery next month so I will be in a sling for 3 weeks. NO movement and no use. My arm will be too week I figure for my compound.
Yikes, good wishes for a speedy recovery and thanks for the good info too.
Good post with good information.
Bucknut I hope you have a speedy recovery.
What's your point girlscout and Hoytman ? Seems to have nothing to do with the topic.
Try to keep your thoughts relevant to the topic.
We don't need things spread all over the place.
You don't cease to amaze me Hoytman! and now you have a partner backing you up. You're still caught up on the crossbow thing eh? Get a life man!

As for bowhunting. I bought my first bow in August of 1993 and shot a bear early October that year. Installed a sight and was shooting bull eye's the first day. Don't know what the big deal about shooting a compound compared to a crossbow is???? They are both easy to shoot in my opinion.
Girlscout here is your quote
I'm sure my 8yr old could do it.In fact,I almost hope xbows DO become legal IN BOW SEASON,just so I can set him up over an apple pile to prove how easy it is.

Nice ethics. You want your 8 year old son to shoot an illegal deer?
That's nice teaching there.
I wouldn't be too concerned about their views on crossbows Linnie....(GS or H)....I know as a bowhunter myself and many of my friends in this field do not parallel the views of either of them on the crossbow debate. In my view neither of them is an advocate for the preservation of the sport of hunting. It seems they are more inclined to eliminate every other form of the same but their own. In other words there is no better or ethical way to hunt than with a bow. I enjoy all the methods of the hunt...longbow, compound, crossbow, rifle, and muzzleloader. And I am not privy to any particular one. If it promotes the younger generation to participate in their God given right then I am for it. Little do they know, they are more of an advocate for the activists against hunting than for the hunters themselves. Sort of like "biting their nose off to spite their face" so to speak. But, they do have right to express their opinion, albeit shortsighted as it may be. Our attitude as hunters has to change or I see this fraternity being non-existent in the near future.
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Knb! Check your "reputation"! I just bumped you up one for that post. You deserve it for your "effort" to "discredit" me as a fellow hunter! That's the beauty of the I-Net. As long as you learn how to play the "Stupid Card" you can get away with pretty much anything!
Guess we all play that card soon or later don't we? Seems all the discrediting was on your own behalf, H. Being an advocate of hunting and hunting in itself are two different catagories....of which when done in harmony enhances the quality of our sport....which one you in, H? For me, I'm in both. But I must say...your a great (compound) bow advocate. If nothing else.
Yes I was being sarcastic in that I really don't want to see xbows legalised.As for my 8 year old shooting a deer under my direct is that unethical?'s ILLEGAL
#2...under your direct supervision you just taught the 8yr old its ok to break the law as well as game laws at that.
Yup teachin an 8yr old to be a POACHER<< like that hoytman?

Seems in another thread every one on here..well most..would turn in someone down on their luck takin a deer tryin to feed his kids cuz if he did it once he'd prolly do it again.
An 8yr old got quite a few years ahead of him...should be good at it by time he's legal

Leading an 8yr old astray is ...unethical.
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Gonna teach him that ya shouldn't kill what ya won't eat?

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