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Crown land camp lot

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I was thinking of buying a woodlot for a camp and was wondering what you guys think of leasing a crown land camp lot.
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What I've seen of crown lots is they lease them in clusters so you can't pick your neighbours ie: cannan, shepardy
limits what you do ie: target practise out your back door because camps are so close
And since DNR has alot of camps/hunters in one area it is lot easier to keep an eye on everyone.
I like my camp on my land away from crowds.
Game chaser if your interested in land check out my ad
Holder' now "piss poor idea" pretty strong words!!
What's so bad about shooting off my own porch?? It's my back yard!!
Safety first I agree but a stable rest (picnic table),a good back stop, a place for the kids to shoot the 22 from and adults to sight rifles from after a rough trip in to camp.
I think it is a great idea!!!
Having the prov. gov. as a landlord is a terrible idea. IMO
The only rule is; they change the rules to suit themselves and you have no ability to argue.
No matter what agreement you have it will change, in their favour.
Just ask the sugar maple producers.
Better to get your own land and you have more control, you can even target shoot off your own deck.
Like I said... sucks to have the government as a landlord and the rule and rate maker
A friend of mine has an acre lease and 2 years ago his landlord clearcut around him on 2 1/2 much for his "preserved" hunting area
.... next year......herbicide

Make the investment if you can and find a piece of ground you can call your own.
hunt, build a camp and make food plots and tree stands til your heart's content.
and target shoot from your back deck!
- I wouldn't want to be doing this when the Wardens and/or RCMP come a long .
I would and do!
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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