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Crown land camp lot

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I was thinking of buying a woodlot for a camp and was wondering what you guys think of leasing a crown land camp lot.
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After the letter i got today ,i think camp leases from the Goverment,especially Shawns ,is a shitty idea..Recieved lease an taxes ,paid lease ,let taxes go for couple months,to recover a bit in the wallet,but then got a registered letter saying i didn`t pay my taxes in 31 days,an that my lease was canceled. If i want to apply to get it back you have 15 day (300&HST non-refundable) if your sucessful it will be 200 reinstatement fee( plus HST of course )I have serviced the road at my expense(grading ,culverts etc)My camp is not moveable as there is no bridges either way ,one way is a Goverment road an bridge is colasping,the other road is UMOE`s (UPM)an it has no bridge,you wade the Salmon bearing brook with your truck,My family has had this camp for 30 plus years.. If this new 31 day law had come in effect ,i should have been told,or it should have been on my tax bill.but no,an no notice before hand. my advice,buy an old trailer park it by the river,run your suwer away like everyone else is doing ,don`t get a lease,the gov sucks as a landlord,another great Idea Shawn,THREE STRIKES an guess what?
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Grey ghost,there`s no more to it,and i guess i`m not alone,the guy at the post office says he has a **** load of the same registered letters an asumes there all for the same thing,know of three friends already in the same boat ,an yes i`ve been to my MLA who probley voted for the 31 day policy,pay in 31 days or reapply for it around $556.00 an may not even get it back,they passed an amendment to this bill secertly it seems,i have a copy of this letter if any body wishes to see it e-mail me [email protected] .. i have 15 days from the day of the registered letter to reapply,30 days to return my site to as before camp lease issued,i have a bridge out leaving both ways from my camp,so hauling it (30x18)out the road that my Jeep touches both sides now,doesn`t look like an option,lol....wonder if they`d mind me going accross the the brook with an D6 an a camp on skids..
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Just got through replacing stuff that was stolen from my camp this summer ,$1000 approx,really needed this .
There was 460 leases out of 3000 that were at stake,but suppose to be straightened out now ,we`ll see,if it happens again(being over 30 days with paying Taxes or lease)i will loose it ,wish they wouldn`t send it then with your house taxes etc,lot to pay in 30 days,i will look at selling an get a private piece of ground soon,i guess ... still will have taxes but not required to pay in 30 days,lol
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