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Crown land camp lot

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I was thinking of buying a woodlot for a camp and was wondering what you guys think of leasing a crown land camp lot.
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Not all camps on DNR leases are in clusters , many are all by themselves . Camp clusters didn't exist before the late 70's ,early 80's . Before this you could pick out your own spot on crown land , get it approved , surveyed and build your camp . Lots of these old camp leases come up for sale every year , some of them going back 60 years or more .
Yes , you do own the camp , it's yours . You lease the property it sits on . If you're on a water front lot the anual lease is greater than one that is not on water . You also pay property tax on the assessed value of the property and the camp .

No matter where your camp is or who's property it's sitting on , it's a pretty piss poor idea to be shooting a gun off the back porch .
"After the letter i got today ,i think camp leases from the Goverment,especially Shawns ,is a shitty idea..Recieved lease an taxes ,paid lease ,let taxes go for couple months,to recover a bit in the wallet,but then got a registered letter saying i didn`t pay my taxes in 31 days,an that my lease was canceled."

- That sounds a little funny , is that all there is to the story ? If so I'd be getting a hold of my MLA and get it straightened out .

"...and target shoot from your back deck! "
- I wouldn't want to be doing this when the Wardens and/or RCMP come a long .
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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