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Crown land camp lot

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I was thinking of buying a woodlot for a camp and was wondering what you guys think of leasing a crown land camp lot.
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We have been leasing for over 50 years, three generations. It is a single lot so we don't get any complains from next door. Cost wise- taxes are always there but you would have a hard time finding for the money where the camp is located. The yearly lease wasn't bad until the forestry companies realized that they had to leave a buffer around the camps and they couldn't cut the wood so I think they tried to charge them over the top to give the single ones up. The ones that were close to water really were used because of their view. I know the province makes more of the same piece of land for a camp vs. any stumpage that they may get. Actually the ones that are within any buffer zones of a watercourse it is the only way to make revenue.

We will be staying as long as DNR doesn't get too greedy.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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