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Crown land camp lot

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I was thinking of buying a woodlot for a camp and was wondering what you guys think of leasing a crown land camp lot.
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Yotie, Don't take this as being rude, but if you want out then I want in. Seriously, if you wake up and want to sell it tomorrow I'd be willing to drive up there and take a look at it with you. No joke. I hear hard to access and think REMOTE LOCATION, sounds like my type of spot. Hard to find here in NB.

Hope things turn around for you though.
Hey Guys, I am starting to look fro a parcel/block of land to lease or buy inside my area. Where do I need to look contact to find available land? Is all the information I need right at my local DNR office or can I find it online?

I have looked here but not finding what I am looking for.

Thanks for any information

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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