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Deersdale, Irving land - need info for moose hunt

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Anybody ever hunt the Deersdale Irving land in Zone 12 for moose? What's involved in getting allowed in?

Any info is appreciated.

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Pretty much have to work for Irving or have a real good connection to hunt behind the Deersdale Mill gate, but the Old Bowater piece where Gordonvale gate is and the others is now accessible by draw through Irving.I worked for them last year and inquired about that draw and was told they allow 50 tags for that section and the last few years they;ve owned it they never have reached the 50 applicants meaning every applicant was allowed in..Real good moose country too, i've been through there lots and planned on applying there this year and wanted to do a canoe hunt with archery gear down the Miramichi between the area we can hunt and the area we aren't allowed and i amagine the bulls you could see floating down the river calling occasionally would be insane.The new NB record bull that was shot last fall came from the General area around deersdale..Zone 12/....Good luck..Call Irving or DNR and i'm sure someone will point you to that draw Irving Has..Later RR
Depending on which gate you gain access to the Freehold, only 10 of the 50 allowable licences are for "non-locals". Weird rule, but's it is private property and they can do as they wish.

I guarantee you get a moose in Zone 12, near 100% success rate in the freeholds. Good luck.

Much like the rest of NB's Crown land where forestry practices have created massive clearcut areas, moose have progressively taken over the territory over deer.
Got picked to hunt the old Bowater section.

The only thing I find weird is they only let people in to scout starting on September 17th. A bit late considering I'm hearing several comments about guys with keys to the gates giving them a jump start over the honest ones.
Thats in behind the Napodogan veneer mill isn't it? I've been in there salmon fishing - some nice moose ground. The seventeenth is lots of time - thats when you'll really see some bull sign.
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