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Elk in Rut

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Sorry this doesn't apply to the New Brunswick area but...........where I am currently living it is Elk season. Now getting an Elk tag is like getting a moose tag, maybe just a little harder but when you get one, damn, there is no better fun......except just going out and bugling them!! I don't have a tag/license but went out the other night and bugled in 13 bulls! They are just coming into rut and starting to bugle and if you want to get your heart pumping, go out and bugle and have a 1000 pound plus animal with 5 foot horns, blowing snot every where and eyes the size of coffee saucers 30 yards away looking for a fight! They start to rake small trees and bugle and blow snot........Damn that will wake you up! Hard to bugle, watch and take pictures but I will try next time.
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Wow sounds like a time.I know its on my bucket list to hunt big elk.Whats your odds of getting drawn, do's the system suck like not speaking from my own experiences, just feel bad for the guys who never did get drawn.
Getting an elk tag in Alberta is much easier than getting a moose tag in NB. there are lots of areas where you can just go buy a tag. no draw required. There are lots of area's where they are strictly on draw but you have a decent chance of getting an animal in a no-draw area with a little experience and local knowledge.
Alberta Elk is on my list for the near future...

Need to get off my arse and work out the logistics ...
Work day 21 tommorrow then off for 7 ....6 days elk and deer hunting near Hinton,AB....I bugled this morn from a hilltop near where I'll be hunting and had FOUR bulls scream back at me....I IS SO STOKED!! a lil kid Christmas eve,bwaaahaha!! :)

Couldnt agree more,hunting rutting elk is just awesome,got my first bull last year and when he bugled back at me from 100yards literally made hair stand up on my neck,lol....wutarush!!!Dreamed of hunting rutting elk in Rockies for as long as I can remember(30+ years?),it was everything i dreamt it would be and more!
Elk,mule,WT,2 wt doe tags,cougar and bear tags in my pocket,promises to be an amazing week,cant wait!! :)

And yea,theres tons of non-draw elk zones in AB,either 3pt+ or 6pt+,all of the mountain zones (400s)are general if im not mistaken(?) and a good many of the Foothills zones(300s) and northern Boreal(500s)as well.
Where I hunt up north of Grande Prairie, in the Falher/Donnelly/Tangent area, elk is a general license(for bulls at least. I believe they have a draw for cows). They sure are fun to hunt.
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