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F/S "Home Made" Double Steel Treestand

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I have a two-man tree stand that a Professional Welder "custom" built for me years ago.
It is well made, and I painted it with green trem-clad and is still in like new shape.
It is constructed with an angled steel frame.
The main stand has a steel grate floor, arm rests and attaches to a homemade wooden ladder, with large U clamps.

The other half also has a steel grate floor and is bolted on like a side car, and can be removed.
The seat is a piece of heavy plywood that serves as both seats.

The ladder was originally 16 feet, but the bottom part that was next to the ground rotted about 6 inces so I added a section that put it to 20 feet.
You can cut the ladder down to 14 feet, or build another 16 if you wanted to.

My wife and I hunted out of this stand for many years. But I have two hang on stands and don't really need it much now.
I also need some new stuff for my new bow I ordered soooo....I need the $$

I will get a few pics up as soon as I can, I have it set up in the woods behind my house. I have to get it down and replace the plywood seat.
I just wanted to see if there was any interest in this stand. If not, then there is not much sense in me fixing up the seat etc. I want to get $400 for it, or I probably won't sell it.

It is quite heavy, especially with the ladder attached, but can be put up pretty easy, especially with a four wheeler winch, and a pulley system. You will also need some way to get up the tree to attach a ratchet strap to the top section. I have used climbing spikes, or a stick ladder to get it set-up.

As a moose stand it is nice because you can move it pretty fast if you want to change spots. And could be rigged with wheels to haul behind a 4 wheeler. It is very safe, and solid when set up and very comfortable. We used to sit in it all day long. It would also be good as a deer stand, somewhere where you can leave it out all year long.
I have a set of climbing spikes that I will throw in with the deal, but the straps are in poor shape and need new pads.

Lets see if anyone is interested in this stand.

Like I said…pics as soon as I can. I gotta go to town with the missus, its grocery night!
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Here are a couple of pics. The stand is leaning slightly because the tree had an angle to it. Like I said before, it needs a new plywood seat..which I will fix before selling it.

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