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Was coming home from the hunting show in Sussex and decided to take the back roads (as usual) and right at where the road thru MacGregor Brook hits the road across Mount Middleton there is a big dip just before the stop sign, and right there is the biggest, most handsome coyote I've ever seen, and I've seen more than a couple.
Nice doggie!
I had the T3 Lite with me, but didn't know the area at all. I've never been thru there before. I had no idea if there was a house or village just around the corner or over the knoll or what, so I didn't dare shoot. It killed me to let him go. He wasn't shy at all. I watched him for a good 60 secs. Tried to get some cell phone photos of him but of course he wasn't THAT close and you can't see him in the pix that I took. He was very grey with some striking brown patches, a beautiful varmint indeedy. Had to be between 40 and 45 pounds.
Anyway, that was at 3 p.m. with a blazing sun, and he was in the middle of the road, and he lazily loped away thru a field, not worried about me in the least. Maybe he could tell I was pissing my pants and looking for a place to pee more than anything.
So anyway he ain't shy.
And he's still there.
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