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What is your favorite whitetail cartridge?
.243 Win22.67%
.257 Roberts00.00%
.270 Win810.67%
6.5 X 5511.33%
7mm Rem Mag56.67%
7mm -0800.00%
.308 Win1216.00%
.30-06 1520.00%
300 Win Mag1114.67%
300 WSM45.33%
7 X 57 (7mm Mauser)00.00%
35 Rem00.00%
50 cal black powder11.33%
54 caliber black powder00.00%

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My favorite, (and only) is the 7MM Rem Mag as well.

I have always used Rems 175 PSPCL bullets. Shot many a nice buck with my Rem 700 Bolt! Had it for 31 years!
Bought it in 1979 for $400 bare rifle. There weren't many 7mm Mags around here then. Many people think that a big rifle ruins a lot of meat on a deer, But if you hit them where you should, in the ribs(double Lung shot)it just punches a hole straight through. And there ain't much meat on the ribs!
I once shot a 190 LB (dressed) buck standing straight on though at 150 yds(no other choice). Hit him just above the brisket, and the meat cutter found the bullet in one of the hams. Needless to say, that buck went down right quick!

And like I have always said....with the 7mm Mag...they don't get back up!

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7mm wsm (BANG - FLOP)
145gr Speer Hotcore

I would think so Woolly (i use same gun (7mm) with different loadings for moose (160gr Nosler Accubond)

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My choice is Rem. CoreLokt SP...
I use these in both my Husqvarna .270 and Marlin .30.30 and they work well enough for me.
Can't wait to run some through my "new to me" Husqvarna 30-06
IF... my gunsmith can find a new stock for it in time for this years seasons.
Hopefully moose season in Cape Breton
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