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First coyote of 2017

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Well was out with a friend this morning going to check my snares. My luck hasn't been the greatest but i guess with enough patience things will work out. Caught this female in my second check ....pretty excited to say the leastResized_20170107_130404_zpsxlwpcfu0.jpg
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Right on Bud....I have 2 bait site on the go and only caught 1 fox. No coyote track in the area.....last year was the first year I didn't catch a coyote and I had 4 bait sites and I think it's going to be the same this year. :( But you can't catch what is not
That's a nice coyote,nice white belly....I'm guessing you'll get more than 30.00...probably in 70.00 and up.there's still a market for Coyotes
70 bucks for yote !!

Jeesh, think it may be time to dig the gun out after all :)
In the February auction,they sold for 47 average and 122.00 for top lot.....if it has a white belly,he'll get a good price.
I sure hope so will definitely let ya know. Sent all my furs with fur harvesters at the convention. Got another big female the other day,,,no exploding snares this
If you sent to FHA,check your account,,,there was auction this weekend and Top lot coyote went for $155 USD
Coyote and Bobcat are about the only thing that is paying now.Good job,can't ask for a better grade. :)
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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