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I'm so pumped. Being new to arms/hunting I get really excited when something works like it should. Jim nor I have never dialed in a scope or had any experience getting rifles ready for hunting. We spent a little over an hour tonight at the range and got a few rifles ready for the season. Here's our results.
We got a Remington semi-auto 30-06 to group 4 shots about 1.25 inches @100 yds.

We also got a Savage 340 in a .223 dialed in. After the last adjustment, with my last 2 bullets I got them to touch each other @100 yds. I'm sure had I shot more they wouldn't have touched but it proves that it will be a reliable yote gun this season.

The most impressive of all this was that we didn't have a vice or whatever they're called to hold the rifle. This was just us leaning on sandbags and aiming.
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