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Grand Manan Special Archery Hunt
(WMZ 27)

The following measure is intended to increase
the opportunity to harvest antlerless deer
in Wildlife Management Zone 27 (Grand
Manan Island). Archery hunters who harvest
and register an antlerless deer in Zone 27
during the bow-only portion of deer hunting
season may purchase a second licence to
hunt antlered deer in any zone open for deer
hunting. This opportunity is available only
to archery hunters who are successful in the
2010 Antlerless Deer Draw for Zone 27. Bow
hunting only season is Oct. 4 - Oct. 23.

Upon registration of a harvested deer,
the hunter is issued a true copy of a Meat
Registration Permit. This permit and the
licence by which the deer was legally
harvested must be presented at a Natural
Resources District Office. The licence will be
forfeited to the Department, thus allowing for
a second Class 3 licence to be purchased. The
successful antlerless deer archery hunter may
now hunt antlered deer in any New Brunswick
Wildlife Management Zone open to deer

Hunters who wish to hunt with a bow are
reminded that they must complete a stand-
alone Bow Hunter Education course. Hunters
who wish to hunt antlerless deer must be
holders of an antlerless deer validation sticker

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thanks for the info. planning on hunting with my bow, applied for my doe permit there, just was looking to see if anyone has hunted there in the past and what it was like,
i havent hunted there....been thinking about it...but hard to find the time this time of the year to scout around ....hardly find time to get set up in my 2 spots i hunt now!
i heard there are lots of deer there but they are not as big as the deer around here!

and glad to help you out with the info trapper
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