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Ground Blinds

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Canadian Tire has a sale on these blinds. Anyone have experience with these?
Ameristep Bone Collector Hunting Blind
Product #75-1104-0

Ameristep Jakehouse Blind
Product #75-4100-0
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I have an Ameristep that is the same design as the bone collector. Easy to put up and take down. There was enough room for two people. Might be a little tight for two big guys in bow season if you like to hunt with a friend. Made a couple of rainy days much better. No issue with shooting a bow out of it.
I was looking at thos blinds also today in CT. The Bone Collector looks like a pretty good deal. Quite large.

I never hunted from a blind much, but always wanted to try it. Only did it once for a week. My wife and I were hunting out of my double ladder stand, and a buck spotted us in it. He wouldn't even step up to the apples after that! So I took the stand down and built a home-made blind with a wooden frame and camo net. I stuck it in the middle of some small fir trees nearby.

After a couple of days the same buck came in at 13 yds but wouldn't turn broadside. Just faced me and the wife in the blind. Every time I would try to draw my bow he would look at us in the blind. Then he spooked!

I may buy one next year and try it out. Can't afford it this year.
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I have the Bone Collector ground blind. You can pop it up in about 20 secondes. It is pretty big and can fit 2 people along with your packs, lunchs, and a bit of room. Its great to rainy days. It also has a carrying bag which I find very comfortable.
I bought the Ameristep last fall and they work good. It is not the Bone Collector edition but the same design. ( It is the Brickhouse I believe) Probably why it was on sale for $99 and not $199 Very good investment. Like others have said it is very good for those stormy days and great for taking kids.
I have two ameristep blinds - I think they are great - Like some of the others, I don't have the Bone Collector, but I have a two two person models that are similar in design, and theres lots of room in them, set up and take down is very easy, and they're great to hunt out of. I've taken two bucks out of mine at 10 yards,13 yards they didn't have a clue I was there. Two years ago, I actually missed a nice buck at about 12 - 13 yards (taught me a lesson about actually practicing shooting out of your blind). He had no idea where the shot came from, but was nervous, and walked off. Two days later, I returned, and shot the same buck, standing in about the same spot I missed it. I've had does fawns within 10 - 15 yards for an hour or more at a time, no clue I was there. In my opinion they are a must have tool for the bowhunter! If I didn't have two already , Id be off to crappy tire to get one today!
Thanks for the input everyone.

I did some looking last night at reviews, they were mainly pretty good as well. Its $179 at, but for the sake of $20 I will get it locally.

Shoot-through windows, on a non mechanical, are they safe? (as in wont mess up the shot)
I also have (had - not even sure where it is now!) a blind similar to the jake-house - I was not impressed with this at all. I'n not sure what the make was on it, but I got it at Canadian Tire 5 or 6 years ago. Not one of my better investments. In my opinion you may as well save yourself 40 bucks, and throw a few fir boughs up in front of you.
Don't know about the shoot through windows - seen them shoot through them on TV, but I've never tried it, I open my shooting windows as soon as I get to the blind.
I bought the Ameristep Brickhouse blind last year and am very pleased with it. Sets up and takes down easy, price was right from cabelas here is the link

However I was using it during rifle season, the bone collector blind has taller longer windows so it might be better for a bow. Ground blinds are nice especially after sitting for long periods as compared to a tree stand where there is alot less room to stretch. Anyway I used mine extensively last your and was very pleased with it and felt that for the price it was good value. Not 100% waterproof especially in a heavy down pour, however I can deal with a half dozen drips vice being out in the pouring rain. Carrying case has shoulder straps, so it's not too bad to carry into your location and as a result easy to move locations. I'm happy with mine.

Bill G.
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Checked out a few at Doirons, would prefer to deal with them over the box stores, but there was a $300 - $400 difference in blinds so box store it was. I wish Doirons, or someone else had a better location. The west side is certainly a PITA when coming from the Valley.

Got the Bone Collector one. I will be getting the Backpacker from Doirons, to use as a base structure for the duck ground blind. Its a good size, and movable so you can customize it to the day, and flight paths.

Once I get the Bone Collector set up, I will post my thoughts on it.
Good deal in the Canadian Tire flyer this week.Ameristep G3 99 bucks.
So.. Got the Bone Collector one.

Its pretty nice.

Not hard to set up, very easy if you have 2 people. Take down is easy the second time around.

We learned a few lessons.

1) Do NOT set blind up on a bees nest.
2) See rule 1

Man I am so glad we figured that out before getting in it. Also glad we never got stung!
Other than that, fits 2 people quite nicely. I shoot right, buddy shoots left so that is convenient.
Don't use the great big folding chairs, use the smaller ones, so you can move if you need to.

There is lots of room for a small gear bag.

Its very quiet inside, so you need to pay close attention out the windows.

Door is a little small, but not too bad.

Take a flash light! Its dark inside, and when you are trying to open the shooting windows, light makes it easier.

The directions state very clearly, not to use a mechanical broad-head in the shoot-through mesh.

Also, if using a fixed blade, to line up the blades with your fletches. This is not something most would even think about, but great advice.

More to come as we use it, and learn its quirks.
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Always a good rule!

I have two ground blinds. One is an Eastman Outfitters Udercover LX5 Blind and the other is Double Bull Matrix. No question which is nicer but the price is quite different too. The DB is a great blind, only takes one guy 6 seconds from in the bag to set up. I think it's 67" high and something like 5'x5' floor, lots of room for two. Great for running and gunning turkeys.
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With all the wind we had last week. I decided to get a new Remington Concealor Blind. Way more room than my old Gorilla Quick Strike.
Nice ,so are these ground blinds totally waterproof,or do they start to give after so much rain?
Ok, well I am not so certain I like our blind.

Although 2 fit in it, a lefty and a righty shooter. It is chaotic! If you have to move to get a shot off, your done.

I think I will try placing it on blocks and trying it out, see if having it higher is better.

We put a couple of target blocks up and tried it out. It was quite annoying even tho I can sit in a chair and draw and fire my bow. It is very difficult to move around inside "safely" with a fitted broad-head, and not take out the sides.

I think our blind is better suited to gun hunting.
Oh - you're not going to like what I bought at Cabela's....three weeks ago I bought a Predator ground blind for $59.99 - on sale. Great buy. Although I have shot bucks while on the ground (including a 7 pointer back in 2006), I wasn't too sure a pop up blind with shoot through screening was the way to go. Too "commercial" for my liking. However, was in Maryland last fall and this was all I had to shoot out of one evening beside a watering hole. I shot a spike buck at 8 yards through the screen with fixed blades......went incredibly well. They can't see your movement inside the blind, and the arrow flew like nothing was there. He piled up less than 40 yards away with a nice heart/1 lung shot. Mr. Skeptic made believer......

After this, I told myself if I ever saw one on sale, I'd pick it up. Comes with a really slick backpack carry pouch. I wouldn't sit in it with two archery hunters, but I do plan on it with my kids and their rifles. Much more comfortable in bad weather as the other guys have said. If I'm with the bow, it will be just me. Also, I sit on my knees and/or the ground to lessen sound of a chair, and to give me more head room and room to move the bow.
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