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I have for sale;

(1) A sporterized Parker Hale 303 British. Has open sights (hooded front sight), cheek piece on stock,sling,recoil pad. A real nice gun.Doesn't look like the old cut-down military rifle, but it has the Lee Enfield action. Looking for $225

(2) Mossberg 351 KA semi auto 22LR . It has 24" barrel, tube fed through the butt, thumb safety, will also lock in open position,comes with a sling, grooved for scope. Really nice and accurate rifle. Looking for $225

(3) Cooey mod 75 single shot, 27" barrel, Has sling swivels, is a nice gun for its age, has nice balance and shoots well. Sometimes the extractor acts up pulling out the shell. Looking for $110

I didn't take any pics of the cooey, but the other 2 guns are posted on the gallery. I only have dial-up so I won't be emailing these pics , they are too large.I can post some additional pics to the gallery if needed.

I may be interested in trades, I am particularly looking for a 243, but I don't want anything fancy or expensive.
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