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Hunting backpacks...excess weight or vital gear?

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Usually, around this time of year, I grab my hunting daypack and clean it out. I'm a big guy as it is and I don't need to be carrying excess weight in the woods if I never use that gear so...stuff I thought I'd need and never used, goes while the gear I actually did use stays.A prime example of "Overkill" excess weight...When I was young and learning to hunt and travel the woods, I carried a "Rambo" foot long sword of a hunting weighed a couple of pounds and was razor sharp but I never had to kill a bear with it and as age and wisdom started to creep in, I switched to a Gerbor Gator fold lock or a Shrade Sharp Tooth or a Russel Belt Knife...all small and light and all holding a razor edge. It's always amazing just how much gear I thought I'd need to carry...but really didn't! What do you guys "think" you need to carry in your back packs and what do you really need?
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I have said it before, and I'll say it again. Top pocket, waterproof container.... TP

I think its better to have it, and not need it, than it is to need it and not have it. (within reason of course)

Ok, after that, I carry;

3 Broadheads
2 Judo-points
Several field tips in my pocket

Small monocular
A very lightweight hatchet
25' lightweight parachute rope
2 lighters
2 small high intensity pocket flashlights
Pocket folding lock blade
Couple of those Nature Valley granola bars.
Couple small bottles of water

Several gauze 3" bandages
Small roll of surgical tape
Marine whistle
Marking tape

In the Jeep;

More TP
Bigger axe
Bigger light
Paper Towel - the good blue stuff
First Aid kit
Portable BBQ
Full mini propane cylinder
8 liters of water
Complete extra change of clothes
Maps of the province
2 compact fleece blankets
Folding shovel
Tow Strap - for recovering Hummers
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Nothing like being prepared,I guess. At my age,I do well to lug the gun around.LOL!......RB
I guess it depends on where I am and what method of hunting I'm doing. For stillhunting if it doesn't fit on my belt or in a pocket it doesn't come. Knife, matches, compass, parachute cord, flagging tape and rangefinder when bowhunting. If I'm not around home then I'll carry a pack whether stand hunting or still hunting.Usually it will have the same stuff except I'll also carry a spare release, hand warmer pouches, trailblazer saw and snips, gloves, light, TP, pack of those little tacks that shine, push in bow stand and hooks, water and snack foods.
Compass, Flashlight, Flagging (bloodtrail), snack, water, pocketknife, cellphone for calling the dragging crew LOL

The area of the province I live in your not going to walk more than a couple of miles before your on a road or atv trail. I dont need to pack like I'm in remote alaska.
Very little,fixed blade knife ,small binoculars,flagging tape,extra shells,and cell phone.Rest of stuff is kept in bag in truck
Usually I carry TP, flagging tape, pocket knife, extra compass,small candle, matches in a ziploc and a couple of chocolate bars, all in a fanny pack under my coat. I also have a wad of TP in each back pocket. Functional when needed but extra padding when I sit on a rock or stump.
It depends on where im hunting. I have a fanny pack for those 2 hr. hunts. This pack has an extra knife and touch up stone, compass, a couple of hand warmers, a lighter, small roll of TP, a small bottle of water, an energy bar or bag of beef jerky, and sometimes a paperback book. My other full size backpack that I use for all day hunts will have all of the above, + more water, extra gloves, socks, roll of flagging tape, small axe, tea bags and tea kettle, gps, a small frying pan to fry up a burger or steak and a spud, a small bottle of water with dish soap already mixed in it. (good for washing up the frying pan or washing hands after gutting out a deer) a good bag of sunflower seeds to keep me and the birds busy.
I prob forgot somthing in there, but you get the gist of whats in there.
To me it's all important stuff not just extra weight.
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Well guys, that is all good stuff, tailored to your individual hunts and needs in the woods and the big plus for asking that question is in learning little tidbits that I can use myself. One example was in ryhan's pack, a small bottle of water with soap already mixed into it. Many times I could have used that to wash blood off my hands! Pressure bandages, granola bars and other energy snacks and a bottle of drinking water, flagging tape, and parachute cord are all good ideas as well and of course, toilet a frosty pine cone any day of the week!
And Riverboy...I hear ya! The hills are getting steeper, weather 's getting colder and the "draggin"'s gettin' harder! The plus in growing older? Well I hope we're hunting smarter and...gettin' older beats the alternative...any day of the week! Thanks guys!
Shells, call, fixed blade knife, lighter, compass, garbage bag (to be used as a seat), flagging tape, paracord and a watch.
Sometimes monocular, axe, cell phone, gps, extra clothing (gloves, socks, sweater etc.), snacks, thermous with something hot to drink, toilet paper.
Ya when I was young I used to carry a big ole backpack. I would go all day and near the afternoon I would have pain in the middle of my back from the weight. Now I still go out all day and use a fanny pack. It has tons of room for everything I need. Knife and GPS(extra batteries) on the belt part. In the pouches I carry a lunch, compass, 2 methods to start a fire, camera, short rope, extra bullets, few first aid supplies like band aids, gauze, tape an emergency blanket-poncho type and my licence. For water I just use a sandwich baggy and drink from the springs and brooks. There might be more but I'm drawing blankets now.
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