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Lee Load-All in 20 Gauge

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For Sale
Used 20 Ga Lee Load-All missing 4 bushings(1Oz shot bushing, 148,155,163 Powder bushings are missing but are readily available for little money from Lee Precision)comes with spare wad guide, resizing ring, instructions, load sheet and 20ga wooden mag plug for tube mag. It is one of the older aluminium base models, appears to have been lightly used. Asking $45. Call 861-1183 ask for Trevor in Riverview, NB. E-mailed Pictures available. [email protected]
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Updated info provided.
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Would also consider a trade for reloading supplies for 12 guage to the same value.(1lb of Green Dot & 1 bag of 1oz wads)
Still For Sale, make an offer.
Item has now sold.
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