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Model 99

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Shes a beauty. IMO, be nice if they pulled the scope off of it though.

Thats quite a price tag. Got a few bucks rolling around in the wool hunting pants GG?
I know my woolies are full of balsam fir needles, a kleenex and a candy bar wrapper from closing day last year, so I don't think I have the funds for it.
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Are you talking about the Savage Model 99 type in general, or particularly the custom built rifles in the link you gave?
Not real keen on the 99 , always seemed a little big and clunky .
However like you say take off the scope , put on a good reciever sight , get rid of the cheekpiece and chamber it for .358 win and you've got a nice gun .

Checked my pockets , empty box of rasins , hemlock cone , spent dirty 30 shell ,and a rubber band call . Guess I won't be buying any new gun either .

Doesn't matter , I'll be carring my Grandfather's old 336 till they plant me in the ground anyhow .
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I have a 300 Savage Model 99. Well, technically I am holding on to it for an indefinite anount of time. I personally don't care for it much. Looks nice though, but I agree with you on the clunky part GG! It has the rotary magazine, which IMO, doesn't function cleanly and generally sucks. No amount of tweaking can help it, the last 2-3 shells are always hard to get into the chamber. You would have to get yourself in a real pickle to need those last shells in a hurry in any typical hunting situation anyways.
I've got the Savage 300 Model 99 as well.
That thing would knock down a grizzly, methinks.
But I agree with Water Runner on the mag. As well, you can't trust your eyes when checking to see if that mag is empty because the inside of the mag is the same colour as the shells. Bad idea! I count my shells, always put in exactly three shells at a time so I know exactly how many bullets are in there at any time, and do both a finger check and visual check at least two or three times after unloading. Even after all that, it still scares me.
As well, the safety should be renamed the unsafety. Worst safety in the business.
I still like it and use it often. I just don't like the above features.
Very nice rifle. Like a few others I'm not a big fan of the 99. It just never felt great on my shoulder. Beautiful wood on that rifle but quite a price.
As well, the safety should be renamed the unsafety. Worst safety in the business.
X2 on that lobsterman. Very little difference from having the safety on to off. Now thinking about it, that feature bothers me the most about the whole gun.
The safety plus a very light trigger pull makes for some problems, but I find the 99 shoulders and points very nice, I have a 99c in 22-250rem. Does anyone know anything about having the trigger pull adjusted on model 99's?
I have a model 99 in 300 sav and only bad thing about this gun was the safety. I shoot left handed so it was really bad for me but love this old reliable gun. Been in the family for 4 generations and it will be passed down to my kids when the day comes
I shot my first deer and moose with Dad's Model 99F in 308 win. This gun was a joy to hunt with and like nbdeerhunter, I am a lefty as well and didn't care for the safety but got used to it.

I love the look of this fine rifle and found it fit pefectly to my shoulder. This gun looks as good as it did when Dad bought it from Karl Dore's shop. This rifle will be passed down to me and then to my son.
Heh heh, didn't think I'd be the only one with a beef with the safety on the ol' 99, and I'm right handed!
Like many of you, mine is on its third generation now, and when I'm done I hope my son will put it to the use it was intended for.
Oddly, despite using this rifle for deer more than any other rifle, I've yet to shoot one with it. I guess the ol' 30-30 is my lucky gun. I tried it out on a porcupine once at about 75 yards and on later inspection of the victim I was a bit surprised at the amount of damage done to that animal. It certainly didn't suffer. I'll have to pay attention to bullet placement on a deer so as not to lose a quarter of it.

(Yes I know porckies are not on a licence. I was asked by the landowner to shoot all 'pines that I saw because they were wreaking havoc on his woodlot and maple syrup operation, so I was legal to shoot it.)
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