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Good Morning Everyone. Just a quick note to keep you up to date with happenings at the club, as of May 1st(I know I'm late getting this out) the Moncton Gun Club has switched over to it's Spring/Summer Schedule, we will shoot Mondays from 4PM to Dusk and Fridays from 1PM to 5PM. As usual eveyone is welcome to join us. Also for those planning to attend the Moncton 200, the date has changed from June 14th, it will now be held on June 21st. As always it consists of 100 Trap and 100 Skeet targets, this a registered event, you can shoot either skeet or trap or both, you choice. Fees will be $35 for skeet or trap, $5 for ATA/APTA or NSSA fees, $10 for a class purse, $10 for Lewis class. Non-Registered shooters, like myself, are welcome to compete. The canteen will be open. Hope you all can make it.
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