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Hi RR and guys...
The "Moose hunt"signage" issue is province wide according to what I have heard and seen and initially started as a courtesy thing amongst ethical sportsmen. It simply informed hunters of one hunter/group of hunters intention of hunting in that spot come opening morning. Greedy, unethical hunters soon started misusing it, posting large areas and multiple areas, often with no intentionss of hunting it opening morning...they just wanted those areas as "backup" areas. It has developed into something that many ethical hunters simply ignore now...and for good reason. It is very frustrating to scout areas and choose one and be forced to fight with other hunters for the right to hunt it opening morning...often with poor hunting results since the moose aren't appreciative of all the commotion, vehicle pre-season traffic, sign erection and "tear=down" and the race to block roads, place uninhabited trailers right beside the bog or small lake...and so on opening morning, the moose have relocated to a much quieter area back in the woods. Personally, I have witnessed all these things going on. Some unethical hunter or group will post numerous areas and do whatever they can to intimidate or prevent other hunters from hunting anywhere there. This is ridiculous and demonstrates to DNR just how immature and disunited the hunting fraternity can be. Then, after all this quarreling and wrangling, we sit around the local "pickle barrel" on Saturday night and wonder why DNR and government won't listen to our ideas on creating "turkey stocking" or "alternate weapons hunting seasons" or someing else that would improve our wildlife and sport of hunting. I COULD GO ON AND O...nn...BUT I'VE ADDED MY "TWO CENTS" WORTH! Remember, 2010 moose season is approaching so let's show each other...and more importantly, government and DNR that we are mature enough and ethical enough to help,not hinder each other's three day moose hunt! There are enough of those critters to go around...don't you think guys?
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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