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Well i've been moose hunting on the base for almost 10 years now and cant believe how it seems like some hunting parties keep posting road after road and trail after trail just to raise their odds of getting a look at this elusive trophy.Yes some of these crews may have more than one tag but i have seen parcels of land hundreds of acres or more in size with every road near them posted but the guy who thinks by using a different board here or there no-one will know its him that posted all other access to the vicinity of that bog he wants to hunt by himself.Pretty poor confidence in his hunting capability is all it is IMO, i've seen guys post close to ten roads in a row with similar last names on these signs like EX---Stillen,Stealen Smilin, Sippin,Suckin and thinks we wont clue in????????????Anyways i know we got on this sign issue last year its just so angering going through these huge areas with this [email protected]#%^&'s disrespect of the other hunters in the area.It is fun though to end up tagging a much more respectable animal than these greedy parties seem to tag with the last area left without a sign and hopefully we will be fortunate enough to do it again..Good luck to those who desevre it..
RR what side of Highway 7 are you talking about..? I know you've mentioned before that you spend some time on the Enniskillen side? Hope you get the big one man.. Good luck and I might just see ya down there!
1 - 5 of 55 Posts
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